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A discussion was also held Family Services. Resolution - Authorizing the federal government picking up 90 per- the equipment inside meters and sup- Williams County Auditor to make Sup- cent of the tab. Domestic Shelter. It has been receiving funds and Providers for the Provisions of Child from the county for The crowning ceremonies will take place son of John Walling. Half-time activities Junior Attendant Emily Fox is the daughter of Dennis will include the queen and attendants being escorted across The Edon Bombers are undergoing their final prepara- the field by their relatives while the Edon High School Band, Fox and the late Cindy Dumbra.

Bombers in Action! Festivities will begin with a parade, leaving from the Edon High School auditeria. Music will be provided by the bus barn parking lot near the baseball field, beginning Midnight Express Mobile DJ. Alea will be escorted by her brother, Levi Brandt. Marta Pennacchio will reign as Queen. Candace Hug. Escorting Karissa will be Jared sAnn Miller.

Good Luck Edon Bombers! While she had never do and to wear these Joggin4Joughin shirts when they Hoping to attract around entrants, the organizers met Sierah or her family she felt she needed to do some- go out to do it and keep honoring her. For the record Bryan Stambaugh of Fayette was the at to ensure they had the resources to safely man- overall winner of the 5k race with a time of and Ma- age all the runners, walkers and byciclists. Nicole learned that Sierah had been on the cross coun- rissa Ward of Tiffin was the first woman to cross the line try team at Evergreen and still enjoyed running and that with a time of She had even begged her best But to be clear, this event was not really about the laughing and fondly remembering the good times spent friend, an avid jogger, to stop running.

I was afraid for other women main reason for the day was celebrating the life of Sierah less killing, hugged, cried and mourned. And then I was thinking to myself how Joughin and the countless lives she had touched in the unfair that is to ask that of people and for the people who resilient Evergreen community and beyond. The event was also used to ask for support for the Vio- were afraid to do it and had stopped doing it.

Although pre- and Jared Armstrong. Freshmen included attendant for the announcement. Led by the Montpelier Police Bentley. The Although a steady rain continued for most of the first as Homecoming Queen Hannah Blake, along with first queen candidate, McKenna Quaderer, strolled down half, ultimately resulting in a cancellation of the halftime a group from each high school grade, and also the cheer- the field in the arms of CJ Roth and Nick Beuhrer.

Finally the participants chael Blake and Bryce Cooley. The final senior seeking second half and the host Locomotives shut down the Ot- arrived at their destination, the south end of the football crowning, Misheala Robertson, walked down midfield tawa Hills offense in route to a victory! The reigning Queen, Kent Hutchison can be reached at Now the moment had arrived, the entrance by each publisher thevillagereporter. Children will also en- for an entire year. Senior, Mili- every Sunday this season! For Facebook or follow us on Twitter corn, washing clothes and deco- joy exploring the always-popular tary and AAA discounts are also more information phone and Instagram.

And again this year, , visit www. On Saturday, lage including roasting a bird October 8 a full day of engaging over an open fire at Natives and activities will allow guests to ex- Newcomers, making parched perience what life was like on an corn and other cooking demon- Ohio farm more than years strations. There will be a special ago! Scout must be in uniform or present their Scout card. Throughout the day, guests will be encouraged to try many Historic Sauder Village is traditional, hands-on activities.

Guests from noon p. The His- can also make yarn dolls, play toric Village is closed on Mon- with paper dolls, dig potatoes, days, except holidays. Grace is the daughter Wauseon Indians bring home the win! Amanda is of Jana and Keith Leininger. Grace the daughter of David Hammontree and Melinda Ludwig. She also enjoys danc- will be escorted by 57, Angel Juarez. About her nomina- Wauseon Homecoming Morgan Bzovi will be es- her teammates. Currently, Amanda serves as senior-class president.

Amanda says that she feels very honored that the students chose her as their Homecoming Queen and is excited to finish her senior year with the class of Amanda will be escorted by 68, Jacob Raabe. The senior attendant is Sydney Baynes. Sydney is the daughter of Pamela Shipley and Aaron Baynes. Sydney is an active member of the swimming and track teams as well as a football trainer. Sydney plans on going to college to become an Occupa- tional Therapist. She feels blessed to represent the senior class as their Homecoming attendant.

Sydney will be es- corted by 64, Chase Reynolds. The junior class has chosen Jessica Newlove as the Homecoming representative. She is the daughter of Wanda and Jeff Newlove. Jessica is a member of Girls Christian Fellowship. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and especially her dog. Jessica feels hon- ored to represent the class of After high school, she plans to attend college to major in nursing.

Jessica will be escorted by 15, Brendan Wilson. She is the daughter of Kristy and Kyle Baugh. Madi is a mem- ber of the volleyball team. Her main interests include playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. She plans to attend college in Florida. Defian c4e1S9t. Shoop Ave.

Secretary Husted is present- with anyone wanting to the gentleman expressed thank you for coming out to talk with him…whether ed with Montpelier football jersey Over an inch of cold, got some work to do. By the time that he the nation in better shape wind-driven rain fell dur- Husted drew a laugh when made it out to the eastern for the upcoming genera- With that, Mr. Secretary cord books, an intercep- tening, completely soaked better place for the future. Bumb came I had so many people in Montpelier football jersey gave no pretenses that he 95 yards for a touchdown forward with a wireless this community who did Hus- preferred to be somewhere against Delta.

That play microphone, and standing that for me. Hus- laugh. With rainwater now stepped back and turned who refused to bow to the live my dream. Hus- will of the weather that was the privilege that I had. It behalf of the Board of Ed- logged jacket, the sincere ted, who delivered a talk continuing to deal out its all started right here, and ucation, and District Su- offer of the umbrella was a about making memories worst as conditions rapidly I wanted to say thank you perintendent, Dr.

Jamison moot point. Bumb recalled the ways shown me. I have made you proud. Remember- we can talk about another the stadium in the same reached at what kind of memories are ing back to , he said, manner in which he ar- you going to make? On the right? What are you going wait to see what Jon Hus- Make your appointment today! Maybe the ted was going to do when the Homecoming celebra- other team scores and goes he was on offense.

Maybe and play football, but we Dr. There go ahead. Are you going son that night. Ramineni sees adult and pediatric patients. So what shoulder and ankle lier native, Class of tough. Visit us online at it with you for the rest of to shield him from the in- Bryan, OH www. From until leading a team prayer, dis- lesson to you, because a , Mr. Receiving the occasion- great things that you can al shielding of a friendly do in life, because we live Mike Bumb and Joe umbrella in passing, Mr. In the United School District greeted Mr. After practice, Head been a wonderful oppor- Coach Steve Brancheau tunity to experience the called the team over to blessings of what it means where Husted, Bumb, and to be an American…to have Brigle were standing, and a chance to serve other as the team took a knee, he people, to have a chance to introduced the Secretary help solve problems, and to the them.

Coach Bran- to try to make the world a cheau made it a point to better place. It all started note that not only did Mr. Husted downs in a game. Looking recalled meeting an elderly out to running back Aus- World War II veteran who tin Grubb, who tied the saw action at the Battle of rushing touchdown mark the Bulge.

Very competitive pricing. Madison officials have so far re- fused to sign a new service contract and In other news, the council set trick or will not tell Pioneer the reason why. Two were fire calls and James Pruitt may be reached at four were first responders. Thanks to the teach- ers and educators for their hard work in keeping this wonderful program running. The village of Archbold is still work- The village will be advertising for Rotary is proud to help.

The goal is to develop medium price The Council approved an increase in housing for people who want to work the clothing allowance for employees to for area businesses. James Pruitt may be reached at Council affirmed the appointment of publisher thevillagereporter. Mayor Dave Borer swore in new police officer, Darrel Griffin. My goal is to make sure my patients feel comfortable Dispensaries for medical marijuana and informed of their surgical and non-surgical options for treatment.

King , MD ette following a decision by a sharply di- said.

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The ordinance Dr. King is a board-certified ENT and she will currently serve as the only was passed after council declared an The key ingredient in marijuana, physician offering allergy testing in Steuben County. She specializes in emergency. The prohibition allows the THC, is at 35 percent strength in plant the diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders of the ears, nose village to further study the law without matter, but is at 70 percent in edible and throat.

For more information, or to make an appointment, a time limit. Those law in Ohio and what it regulates. The law allows medical marijuana to be grown and cultivated and given to The concerns some organizations people with a recommendation from a have is the new law will make it easi- physician who have a condition on the er for young people to access the drug. Chronic pain is one such Overall use by adults and youth is likely condition. That could open abuse of the law. The marijuana will not be dispensed through pharmacies, rather through The village will advertise for bids to dispensaries.

Many communities are rid itself of a parcel by the creek donat- passing moratoriums of varied lengths ed in The village also swore in a new police officer, Darrel Griffin. Erin is in- woods observing nature. Dur- tions of Art and her favorite teacher is Mr.

The Homecoming Court for Edgerton High School ing her free time, she enjoys spending time with her niece has been announced. Cameron is the son of Lora ing. Chemistry with her favorite and Tim Kollar. After high school, Erin plans on at- Hershee 22 , and Alex Hershee Cameron plays bas- Doug Flegal. She has three siblings, Kiersten 20 , Lilli 16 , tending college in Economics.

During his free time, Cameron enjoys basketball and Colton Trinity enjoys shopping, Her senior escort is Derek Blue. Derek is the son of Ja- class is choir, with his favorite teacher Mr. Davis and her favorite class Kendra 16 , Craig 13 , and Quentin During his high The sophomore attendant is Madison Freeman. She is is Calculus. After graduation, she plans on attending college school career, Derek has been involved in football, basket- the daughter of Scott and JoDel Freeman.

During his free lings Sierra 21 and Dakota Madison is involved in etry school. During her free Her senior escort is Devin Herman. He is the son of Phil with Cade, Carter, and Devin. His favorite class is Spanish time, she enjoys photography, swimming, running, and and Chris Herman. Devin has five siblings, Austin 22 , 4 and his favorite teacher is Ms. After high school, raising livestock. During Derek plans to attend college to major in athletic training. Coby is the son of Paul and ficer.

In his spare time, Devin enjoys going to his Grandma Roth.

Service, Character, Achievement

During her high school career, 19 , and Dan During his free time he enjoys running and hover Alyssa. His favorite class is A. Chemistry with his favorite Club, Class officer, yearbook, cross country, basketball, and boarding. After graduation, he plans on attend- track. In her spare time, she enjoys playing and watch- his favorite teacher is Mr. Turf grass Management. She is the Mrs. After high school, Sarah will be attending daughter of Rick and Shanea Herman. She is involved in softball, Autumn has one sibling, Eric who is During her high Education.

She en- Her senior escort is Carter Knecht. Carter is the son of going out to eat, spending time with family, going up North, joys watching college football and basketball, watching Net- Bob and Denise Knecht. During his high school career, Carter has teacher is Mr. Ripke, while her favorite class is AP Biology. Autumn is plan- basketball and baseball. In his spare time, Carter enjoys Her escort is Cameron Schaper. He is the son of Dan ning on attending college and majoring in nursing.

He has one sister, Camille who is During his Her senior escort is Cade McClellan. He is the son of friend Marissa. He has one sibling, Chase, who favorite teacher Mr. After graduation Carter plans to the Cincinnati Reds. Davis is Throughout his high school career, Cade has been attend college majoring in biomedical engieering and even- and his favorite class is Pre-Calculus.

During his free time, he enjoys James can be reached at watching football, going out with his friends and going to the The attendants are: publisher thevillagereporter. Kenzie is the Advanced PE with his favorite teacher is Mr. After daughter of Dan and Michelle Purk. She has one sibling, high school, Cade plans on attending and playing football Kyli Her hobbies include going to the minor in Psychology.

Best Wishes At Homecoming edgerton bulldogs! On January 15, , Mr. Albert Bel- tary knowledge of agriculture and available to the 4-H members would be Not all volunteers in the 4-H program mont Graham, the superintendent of farm practices and to give girls the possible without the volunteers who run are adults. Teen members within the the Springfield Township Schools at essential facts of domestic economy; these many events. The intent most-up-to-date farm practices; teers who give of their time and talents to their love of 4-H.

There are clothing style review. He stressed the digni- based upon the previously mentioned ty of hard work and sound charac- Power There are many oppor- areas. Laskey Rd. In time, Club Work. Volunteers are the helped to establish additional youth ed within Ohio, the 4-H program has agricultural clubs throughout Ohio. By since spread to all fifty U. Proving extremely suc- and of the fact that the Ohio programs cessful in his practices, Graham ac- are one of the largest in existence to- cepted the position as Superintendent day.

Once in office, of the farming community, but extends Graham set the following concepts, into the suburbs and inner-cities all which form the basis for the Ohio Coop- over America. Membership is open to erative Extension Service: all youth between the ages of five and nineteen. It was in that the present design was adopt- ognizable and must appear exactly to better living ed, with the fourth leaf at first being Hustle, but quickly as designated.

It is green with a being changed to Health. Each leaf represents one of the white H on each leaf, the offi- For My Club The white color represents purity, My Community The 4-H emblem was patented in In Con- while the green repre- gress passed a law protecting the 4-H name and em- sents the most com- My Country The 4-H mon color in nature. The Secretary of Ag- izes youth, life and riculture is given responsibility and stewardship for the growth. They increase kindergarten to age She can be reached by calling Extension Educator ence, technology and a variety of other topics.

Wieland, P. Regardless of the environment, The Tufts study shows that 4-H-ers con- life, springtime we rely on the experiential learning model tribute more to their families and com- in which learning takes place when youth munities, achieve higher grades in school and youth. OSU are less likely to suffer from depression Extension research shows that Ohio and are less likely to participate in risky youth credit their 4-H clubs with making behaviors.

Main St. Each session will deal with searching. One using the census, employing genealogi- brother killed the other with a pitchfork. The second tale took place at Coney Is- land in the early s. Call a handful of early looping roller coast- the WCPL, ext. The chapel becomes a monument. Please come and has original Tiffany windows. Monthly meetings are held the graves of Civil War veterans buried the second Monday of each month, ex- in Farmer Cemetery. Those who Kassidy Zientek, Wauseon. The two were excited to be learning about agriculture and their win- TAP to offer an online version of Level munications and participants will be en- nings from the event.

After comparing the cost to ments. Exams will be offered Sound like fun? If you are interested in rience for youngsters about the ins-and- Onlookers, parents and participants November 9, November 17, November joining this FREE on-line challenge, go outs of commodity markets. Registration perience, which will travel to nearly impressed that an event with such a form available at fulton. The Fall Email Wellness Chal- ton. Kassidy stated, the process from purchase to sale. Located at the end of the Poultry like this, teaching her how to track fi- and Rabbit Barn, passers-by were in- nances and how to improve her ability vited to allow 4-H teen leaders to walk to make smart business decisions where them through the event.

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After receiving her livestock are concerned. They then tried their luck at business, the Carnival joins the www. The site takes dollar amount their hog sold for. Be- investing concepts like futures, hedg- fore and during the activity, youth and ing and speculating and shows how adults were instructed as to what fac- they impact the world around us.

Benjamin Harrison. Vance bakery at Hamilton. Burdell Colon the 43rd anniversary of Mr. Hamilton soon and will take are the parents of a daughter and Mrs. Bohner started for Chi- born September Petersburg, Fla. Edington officiated at the Cliffton Bros. Six trees have been dedi- double-ring ceremony. Mark- Edon-Northwest School for H. The A handicapped center will J. Ingram, Maurice Lovejoy, an increase in the number of building fund committee has locate in Stryker to provide Burl Knapp Jr. Donald Lyons new Standard Oil Station. Line- fighting skills and technique ber They served home- where J.

Bretthauer enjoyed a period. Kenneth E. The 70 or more years of age and Jack Campbell and plans to ported in a car-bus accident town is glad to have him back. Moore Memorial Park and Pool in wired for electricity. They went home of Bryan to be used for building a swimming pool as a memorial to her father, William H. One of the most pleasant with the short end of a Moore, who owned and operated a dry goods store in Bryan. According to the late Grant social events of the season score. The park was built using W. On Sunday, June 4, , a The wireless apparatus and dedication ceremony was held at the pool and park.

At p. Wisner returned manual training display of the hibition was held, and at p. Earl Becker. Throop and family were surprised by a Ovid Beggs and Russell reception given by the UB con- Shaffer have been transferred gregation. A daughter was born to Mr. Marvin Buehrer. George Koch of Fayette announce the birth J. Hancock, 76, of Evans- of a son, September Bryan Horse Show. Miss Mil- dred Jolly was chosen to rep- A.

Burns cut shocks resent Stryker in the contest. Miss Thelma Hogan of Fair treasurer F. Gares Portsmouth became the bride reports all records were bro- of Charles Lloyd. Gaylord Wiederkehr sions. DeGroff and family Wednesday evening, a din- have moved west of town into ner was given at the Tiffin Riv- their new home.

George Louys is the new commander of the American Legion. Louis Carlin, 76, died Octo- ber 2. Miss Leona Henry and Wm. Smith were married Septem- ber The bride is a former Stryker resident.

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  8. This would be in case the extension was to terminate in July. When the authority dissolved, Arke- The cost is based on reproducing ev- bauer and Associates sued for money it ery feature of the courthouse as it exists claimed it was owed for services rendered. The four counties will each tailed features inside and outside. The future claims. The ment cost until the board decides if it counties will receive all future fees from wants to pay for reproduction coverage.

    Medic Committee has been formed to proximity of the proposed to contact her. Her dis- work with Smith and directors on new Residents of the Village railyard, were aware the missal was approved by The office boarded several dogs for ideas. The crews have reported being ex- cil meeting, having only evening in an executive the SFD. Minimum staff- a report. Year to date through Septem- cited about the advancements in the new one item on their agenda, session, this, according ing each day is three peo- ber for the county has collected models. Billing for a year of service. Smith has to garding the quarter-acre fore.

    The contract is Township. James Pruitt may be reached at not realized until, after mously to extend their publisher thevillagereporter. See additional had stopped reporting may be reached at publisher thevillagereporter. Members and visitors are encouraged to bring the in- This season, plant Rupp. Parking and entry is on the back side of the church.

    Visitors are welcome. Join us for October in honor of Family History Month! NET E. Cleaning Body Shop Village of Edgerton N. Grandstaff Dr. I Peter up in three words: Come and Die. Not very plex, an Australian cor- who have bought into to- 16 There are no com- appealing at first glance, is it? The police immedi- image is more important swag and style. There him come and die. We have are no commands about Jesus. This described by Dr. Tim El- should flex. If anything, symbol of Christianity. It should come as death. Why are we so con- our behavior. He the police. She sim- on stadiums, sporting fa- things it offers you, for your dreams, and your desires.

    We when you love the world, The cross is a symbol of humiliation. She actually ment and uniforms so that the Father in you. For the ecution: burning a criminal at the stake, like the cross? Crucifixion was saved for special ers of Jesus? When they wanted to publicly death are a tough sell. It made a public statement that this enough.

    Unfortunately, us super pro-power, or at sions. These are not from person being crucified had no power and So we try our best to make Christian- least connect us in some the Father, but are from was nothing. It is humiliating. We cheapen manner to their elite sta- this world. And we soft- our obsession with image There is a story about which was also in Christ Jesus, who, al- en the call to take up our cross; to Come over integrity?

    It seems some vacationers who vis- though He existed in the form of God, did and Die. The vacationers ran grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the But Jesus never softened the call to with improving her social into a local resident and form of a bond-servant, and being made make it more comfortable or appealing. Being found in ap- When the rich young ruler walked away of correcting her behavior. Ev- To be a completely committed follow- was losing a recruit. What they become means asking forgiveness for wrongs we to sell half of your possessions?

    Accord- fered them growing up. Observe how I am in need of a Sav- meaning for you. Jesus insisted that anyone who wanted to ior, to rescue me from my The cross is also a symbol of suffering. This Savior, Before crucifying a criminal, they beat Jesus Christ, allows me him. In Christ, the whipping more painful. And who- love of God! There is no comfortable conqueror. Who I am in Christ Jesus, you are agreeing to carry a cross follow you wherever you go.

    When go and proclaim the kingdom of God. When is the last time it family. When is the last time a hand to the plow and looks back is fit was arrested nine days you were mocked for your faith? Take up our cross. The cross of humiliation. The cross of suffering. The cross of death to self so that we can live for Jesus. Robert C. Wednesday Evening - p. There will also be a dem- onstration by the K-9 Unit. All proceeds Please contact Victor or Mary Juarez at for more information.

    The audience recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the U. For those in the Wauseon or Pettisville School dis- tricts who are in need of a warm coat as the weather gets colder, Trinity Lutheran Church is offering their Coat Closet Ministry again this year. Coats will be collected and then distributed to those who have need from October 1, through March, Agency referrals are accepted or those in- terested may call the church office at for eligibility requirements. If you or your organization wish to donate coats, we accept gently used or new coats throughout the season.

    Please contact the church office number above to coordi- nate donations. She talked about the importance of Christians being devoted to prayer for the sake of the nation. Kristen Kurivial, who also spoke, stands with Carol in front of a painting of George Washington kneeling in prayer outside of Valley Forge, Pa. Carol referenced paintings like it in her talk, unaware the church had a copy hanging in its foyer.

    Those point where the prayers can impact the Central Elementary. As word of the event spread over worship and listen to a message of hope fortitude, she said. Were the next year, on September 11, , through prayer. The gatherings nous Ministries were the guest speak- a community divided by race used foot- varied in format.

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    However, ers. Kristen also led the gathering in a ball to come together. It started with the every group shared one time of praise and worship songs. That was the case at to prayer in anticipation of the coming included an hour of prayer at 9 p. North Central as the stu- of the Holy Spirit. When Janella Tilton and another hour at 4 a. He seems to be absent from When the Quaker man heard Wash- For more information schools, the government and in an ever- ington pray he went home to his wife and on See You at the Pole, increasing segment of the population, said their cause was lost.

    The couple be- please visit the website, Carol Kurivial said. Gather- AM The nation appears to be a post- ings such as the Prayer Breakfast en- Christian time, but she says it is time courages her that there are people seri- can be reached at for its people to wake up. Her mother prayed God and they would truly find God. Carol was 5. Carol the painting of Washington kneel- ing in prayer was hanging in the foyer. According to the Youth Health line allows individuals of any age, to re- drinking and substance use. The con- and other criminal activity. To report know about youth not making these are unsure of how to respond?

    The mobile app, Tip- sals. Will people consider you a sexual intercourse, using tobacco, mar- Submit Mobile, for your smart phone or anyone to text or submit via app infor- snitch? By report- in the ITunes or Google Play store. The mation in regards to illegal activity with Healthy Choices Caring Communi- ing underage substance use, the com- tip line will be dispatched through the or without leaving their name.

    The mation routed to the appropriate local used for emergencies, residents should residents an opportunity to anonymous- tip line, SPEAKOUT to prevent under- police department as needed for inves- continue to contact for emergency ly report suspected or known incidents age substance use, will go live at the tigation. It is our hope that this valu- involving underage substance use. Ap- ment moving truck operators, online salesperson, and plications must be submitted by Oct Must be able to pass drug test.

    Please drop only. Available every Wednesday morn- nursing and hospice care. Comprehensive, ing - afternoon? Join our newspaper processing team. Willing to work overtime and weekends is nec- full-time benefits and great work County stores. Send resumes to publisher thevillagere- essary. Call, stop in or apply online: porter. Community Health Professionals Westfield Dr. Sally Osborn, RN www. Experience in structural Responsibilities include: Troubleshoots process and related machinery foam is helpful and must be willing to work overtime.

    Must Competitive wage and benefit package includes wage breakdowns on the production floor and throughout the plant to determine be a problem solver and a good decision maker with good incentive program, shift premiums, health, dental, vision, repair requirements. Performs daily preventative maintenance.

    Disas- communication skills.

    Play of the game

    Machines parts, solders, brazes and welds; All applicants must have: and tuition reimbursement. Pleasantview Dr. We are expanding our evening and weekend photography team which covers such events as high school sports, pageants, musicals, festivals, etc. Room for quick advancement — pay increases based off performance. Send resumes to publisher thevillagereporter. Proficient in equipment troubleshooting skills. Temperature controls experience a plus.

    Competitive wage and benefit package includes: Health, dental, vision, accident and life coverage, paid vacations and holidays, pension program, k, company provided YMCA membership and tuition reimbursement. YOU Gas heat, 1 car finished gar. Move in condi- Seeking to fill multiple full-time production positions on tion. Possible owner financing. Qualifications include high school diploma or equivalent, For Rent excellent attendance record, your own reliable transpor- tation, and able to pass a pre-employment drug screen.

    Please apply at Ohio St. Knowl- ties in Northwest Ohio. Good ence not required. Join our community based communication skills and basic newspaper. Send re- EEO Employer. Beautiful home in Buckeye Estates. No experience necessary. We are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our world Public AuctioncAwdDboaalreluvsyeegesakrdp. October 22, — amjobs cmp. Located on Co. Rd 26 1. Gorham-Fayette School District. Upstairs email a resume to amy careerintegration. Lots of character inside with original woodwork, but it needs some updating and fixing up.

    Preference may be given to candidates and Soil type is primarily Blount Loam. Strong lead- LEGALS - On September 20, , the Council of the Note: Many possibilities- expand your farming operation or start your ership skills along with an ability to develop skills and Village of Pioneer, Ohio passed the following legislation: hobby farm with a big barn and a garden. Come visit us at the open increase participation numbers is necessary. Call or email for a date must be able to comply with all Ohio Dept.

    This Ordinance modifies appropriations days at closing. Possession at closing, crops reserved. Sold subject to interest, resume and references to the Athletic office at within the General, Street Maintenance, Motor Vehicle immediate seller confirmation. Delta High School Taylor St. These License Tax and Capital Project Funds during the fiscal may also be submitted via email to csmith pdys. For year and declares an emergency.

    All provisions of Watch for personal property list!

    uniform desires heart of a hero book 1 Manual

    All provisions of this Resolution go into full force and effect immediately. Reservations required by October Call Bonnie for details, Resolution No. This Resolution authorizes lished farming experience and solid references. Call the Village Administrator to designate the authorized rep- for appointment to discuss. Municipal Power, Inc. The complete text of the above legislation can be ob- tained or viewed at the office of the Village Fiscal Officer at South State Street, Pioneer, Ohio This sum- mary was prepared or reviewed and approved by Thomas A. Fax Serving ice cream, shakes, E. The Golden Bears reached pay dirt with seconds remaining in the Montpelier 20, Ottawa Hills 2 third period for their lone score of the After a half time lead, the Loco- game.

    Wilson led Wauseon with 93 yards motives chalked up their third and final on 14 attempts. The leading ball carrier score in third quarter to secure the win. Bryce Cooley added the extra point. Not Tinora 14, Edgerton 7 to be outdone, Cooley added a yard The Rams scored twice in the first touchdown run of his own adding the ex- half to hold off the Bulldogs. Cooley Cape as Carter Knecht added the extra was the leading rusher for Montpelier, point. Spencer Mar- tin of Tinora carried the ball 44 times for Wauseon 18, Bryan 7 yards, Edgerton was led by Derek The Indians found the end zone scored Blue who finished with 57 yards on 10 touchdowns in each of the first, second attempts.

    Junior Martinez put the Indians on Liberty Center 14, Delta 0 the scoreboard first with a one yard run The Tigers used a touchdown in each with remaining in the first quarter. Despite the loss, Jesse Nobis pass resulting in a pic-six. Wil- Beverly led Delta on the ground with 88 son gave his team its 18th point with a yards on 19 carries.

    Chrismer Repair, Inc. Roger L. Jason R. September 24th, with a , win in Second Singles over Sarah Becker. Montpelier Goods Headquarters! Archbold got vic- Ladd in First Doubles , Melayna Deliver Order Online marcos. In east to take on and shut out the Indians. In Destiny Hildreth 3 ace, 11 assist, 3 digs. Leading the Blackbirds were: Kyra 19 winner over the Hilltop Cadets.

    Hannah Kaylor and Sara Hiller finished with five Delta and four kills respectively. The Delta Panthers lost both ends of a non-league tri match. The Panthers were North Central Vs Fayette defeated by Napoleon , , North Central defeated Fayette in 25 in the first match then dropped the three sets with scores of , second match to Delta lost to Tinora and Makayla Rizor led the Eagles 22, and No individual stats with 28 passes and three digs. Makayla submitted. Knapp finished with 28 assists; Jessica Cheesbro had 19 serves including three September 26th, aces and Makayla Hayes finished with 12 kills.

    Fayette was led by Kelsey Fruchey Edon who contributed with 11 kills on 29 at- Edon fell in a non-conference match tack attempts. Bailee Smith added seven to Hamilton In with scores of , kills with 18 attack attempts. Hannah Kaylor led the Lady Bombers with seven kills at the net. With the loss, the Bombers with scores of , and in are overall and remained in the NWOAL action.

    The Panthers were led at BBC. Miller Wauseon Vs Stryker added nine blocks and nine digs while Wauseon defeated Stryker in 3 games Finnen had two service aces and 12 digs. Pettisville remained unbeaten in BBC play in nine matches with a three set win October 1st, over Montpelier with scores of , 13 and Statistics for the Black- Pettisville Vs. In No individual stats were by Toledo Christian , , Stryker en, eight and eight kills respectively. In Hilltop defeated Stryker in three sets their finale, Pettisville came back for a including scores of , , , victory over Kidron Central Aubrey Wyse was solid at the net Christian.

    In- 25, , , falling to 4- No individual September 24th, results submitted. Blackbirds Dominate Two Games Edon freshman defeated Pettisville Pettisville gained two victories in a with scores of , No individ- pair of non-conference matches. Against ual results were submitted. Liberty Center, the Blackbirds , , winners. In the second match, scores of and The Cadets North Central lost in both matches of were a three set winner in the 8th grade a triangular. In their first match, the Ea- match winners over Montpelier in three gles were defeated , , sets with scores of , , No individual stats were sub- September 29th, mitted.

    Montpelier defeated Pettisville with Junior High Volleyball scores of , and No individual stats were sub- sists. Edon stands September 26th, at and in BBC. No individual stats submitted. They are now on the season. In September 29th, the eighth grade match, Wauseon was a , winner. They are now overall and in scores of , , No indi- the BBC. The Locomotives were , No individual results submitted. Pettisville downed Edon in three games with scores of , , JV Volleyball Hilltop was defeated by Tinora with scores of and Montpelier In the 11 team field taking part in the runners finishing included: Tristen Bex- Widewater Invitational teams of inter- ten 17th, , Emily Fritsch 25th, est included: Archbold 2nd, 49 points ; , Lyndsi Engels 26th, , Ra- Delta 6th, points , Fayette 7th, chel McIntosh 29th, , MiKayla points , Montpelier 8th, points , Hornung 30th, , Allison Sommer Evergreen 9th, points , Pettisville 45th, and Kayleigh Horton 49th, 11th, points.

    Edgerton Invitation with a time of Montpelier ran to a water Invitational. The oth- at the Edgerton Invitational. Karsyn er area teams did not submit individual Hostetler led Pettisville covering the two- results. The goal on a rebound off of his taken penal- Ottawa Hills 3, Delta 0 game was called at the half because of Toledo Christian 4, Delta 3 ty kick. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms.

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