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Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club | Webisodes

What's the best way to speak English. It represents an open knowledge base.

Every member can share and gain knowledge about a new language. Open Menu Questions back Recent Hot! What is the difference between "millionaire's club", "millionaires' club", and "millionaires club"?

Millionaire: This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners can make

English Open apostrophe in plural. I am confused on the use of apostrophe for the name of a club. Can anyone help me please? Please log in or register to add a comment.

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Remember that the apostrophe is used to show that "it" belongs to, so if you want to express that the club belongs to millionaires, you have to use it this way: Millionaire's club. If you used "millionaires club", you would be saying that the clubs are millionaires I reckon millionaires club could be used as the actual name of the club in and of itself and not meaning the possession of the club by someone. Your answer.

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In August , a curious story hit the media: A Cincinnati casino ended up giving away not one but two million-dollar grand prizes when it initially awarded a giant check to someone with the same name as the intended winner. Less than a year later, however, his luck had run out. He ended up before a judge on drug charges , having spent the money, he told the court, paying other people's bills.

He got two years' probation. What he spent it on : Spoiling his granddaughter, gambling, strip clubs, lawsuits, a Hummer, charity. He said he planned to give much of his winnings to charity and avoid changing his life. He did give to charity, but instead of remaining unchanged, he completely disintegrated before the public. He got arrested for drunken driving and was sued for assault , and he lost millions to casinos, lawsuits, robberies, and strip clubs. Ultimately he lost the people he loved most — the teenage granddaughter whom he'd vowed to spoil when he accepted his winnings died of a drug overdose, his wife divorced him, and his daughter died.

A former NFL player shares his advice for new millionaires

Whittaker eventually said he wished he'd torn up his winning ticket. One day I picked up the San Jose Mercury News to read that someone my age, with the same job as me, but at another company, had become so wealthy on stock options that she was able to buy a reportedly haunted castle in her Midwestern hometown. A castle! It would be understating the case to say I was jealous that Michelle Heimburger happened to work for Yahoo!

She hosted at least a couple parties there with hundreds of guests. Things went downhill fast just after the first Halloween — but it wasn't any of the spooks reputed to reside in the mansion that soured the mood.

While Heimburger worked on the West Coast, someone snuck into the castle and set it on fire , doing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. It was insured, but repairs did not proceed swiftly, perhaps because the economy tanked, or perhaps because of the owner's distance from the property. The castle remained boarded up for years, and by , Heimburger was in danger of foreclosure, owing thousands in back taxes and construction fees.

How Common Are Self-Made Millionaires?

In contrast to the spectacular meltdowns, those who spend sudden windfalls wisely — or rather than spending them, invest them — don't tend to make headlines. Their stories are frankly boring in comparison. What they spent it on : A house, a sprinkler system, a ring, trust funds for kids. Oscar and Lorene Stohler were ranchers in their 80s whose North Dakota property turned out to be sitting on oil.

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They became millionaires and kept on driving their old pickup truck, protesting that they liked their old stuff too much to replace it. Maybe they should have been less modest — Oscar died in , sounding from his obituary like a man who was truly unchanged by millionaire status. Neither the oil nor the money was mentioned at all. Two of his coworkers who shared the jackpot ended up marrying each other — in a small, probably inexpensive wedding.