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Several scholars note that these reflect the earliest and most extensive of the earliest Buddhist writings which emphasize a clear understanding of principles, moral discipline, essential Buddhist cosmology, and the development of Samadhi. Set in unmarked condition are scarce since the most essential and basic material even for the adept is in the early volumes which often are at least marked with notes.

Bound in paper covered boards of various colors. Add to Cart Ask a Question. See all items in Bibles and World Religions. See all items by Hsuan Hua. Leiden: E. Brill, Conze, Edward. London: Luzac, E 1 T08n E 2 T08n In: Popular Buddhism in China. Lee, Shao-chang. Shanghai: Commercial Press, Taipei: Bilingual Series 1. E 4 variants of T08n and T08n Hurvitz, Leon. Journal of Indian Philosophy 3 Samadhi 7 Yuyama Akira. In: Kawamura, Leslie Ed. Emeryville CA : Dharma Publishing, The Lotus Sutra. Soothill and Wilhelm Schiffer.

Tokyo: Kosei, Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma. New York: Columbia University Press, E 4 T09n Buddhist Text Translation Society. San Francisco: Watson, Burton. E 6 T09n Kubo, Tsugunari; Yuyama, Akira. Richard, Timothy. Soothill, W. Oxford: Clarendon Press, In: Manual of Zen Buddhism. Suzuki Daisetz Teitaro. Kyoto: The Eastern Buddhist Society, In: Chinese Buddhist Verse. Robinson, Richard H. In: Le sutra du lotus, suivi du Livre des sens innombrables et du Livre de la contemplation de Sage-Universel. Baruch, W. Leiden: Brill, Puini, Carlo.

Geneve: H. Georg; Paris: E. Buswell, Robert. Princeton University Press, The Flower Ornament Scripture. Cleary, Thomas.

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Doi Torazaku. G 1b T09n, Parts 19 — Das Kegon Sutra II. G 1c T09n, Parts 25 — G 1d T09n, Parts Das Kegon Sutra I. T09n 31 T10n 36 , T10n fasc. E T10n fasc. Reprint Delhi: Motilal. Sinor, Denis Ed.

An Intro to the Shurangama Sutra 楞嚴經簡介

New Delhi: In the following only those for which at least partial translations exist are mentioned. T11n 10 Wen shu shi li pu men hui, Samantamukhaparivarta see T11n In: Treasury. E T11n 6. Dantienne, Jean. E T11n Part C, 26 ps. Schuster, Nancy Joann. In: A few good Men. Nattier, Jan. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, En appendice: texte et traduction de T. Python, Pierre. Paris: Adrien-Maisonneuve, Collection Jean Przyluski 5. Paul, Diana Y. Berkeley: Asian Humanities Press, E 1 T11n E 2 T11n G 1a T12n Als Manuskript gedruckt. Weller, Friedrich. Gesellschafts- und Sprachwissenschaftliche Reihe.

Heft 4. G 1b T12n G 2 T12n Halle Germany : Buddhist Centre Halle, G 3 T12n Versuch einer Verdeutschung. Monumenta Serica 25 E "Translation of the lost Sanskrit work made from a collection of the Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan versions.

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The Srimala Devi Sutra. A Buddhist Scripture on the Tathagatagarbha Theory. Wayman, Alex and Hideko. First published in by Columbia University Press. Reprint Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.

Usnisa Vijaya Dharani - The Victorious Buddha-Crown Mantra | Mantra | Sanskrit

Available online Oxford: Carendon Press, Sacred Books of the East Reprint Delhi: Motilal, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii. E 3 T12n The Larger Sutra on Amitayus. Inagaki, Hisao. F T12n Eracle, Jean. Usami Osenken. Berlin: H. In: The Secrets of Chinese Meditation. Chinese Buddhist Society of Australia, Buddhist Publication Series 1. The Sutra on Contemplation of Amitayus. E 1 T12n E 2 T12n Shanghai: Bilingual Edition. Kimura, H. E 7 T12n In: Three Pure Land Sutras.

The Smaller Sutra on Amitayus. E T12n Ubeshi: Karinbunko, , , The Karin Buddhological Series 5.


T13n 15 :. In: Gilgit Manuscripts. Dutt, Nalinaksha Ed. Calcutta: Singapore: Nanyang Buddhist Culture Service, The Pratyutpanna Samadhi Sutra. Harrison, Paul. E 1 T14n Liebenthal, Walter. Sen, S. Visva-Bharati Annals no. E 3 T14n, T14n, T. Parts of T19n and T19na. Birnbaum, Raoul. Columbia University New York , Translations of T14n, T14n, T. Boulder: Shambala, Srinagar-Kashmir: Soper, Alexander Coburn. Ascona: Artibus Asiae Publishers, Artibus Asiae, Supplementum 19 , Pelliot, Paul.

Translated from the Chinese. Hansei Zasshi Tokyo 13 The Eastern Buddhist Kyoto 3 , 4 E 3 T14n Berkeley, London: Shambala, Thurman, Robert A. The Vimalakirti Sutra. Burton Watson. Mackenzie, D. Acta Iranica F T14n, Tibetan. Louvain: Institut Orientaliste, Publications Universitaires, Translated into English by Sara Boin. London: Pali Text Society, Tokyo: The Hokuseido Press, Theil: Die Buddhistischen Texte. Reichelt, Hans. I Italian T14n and Tibetan. Stramigioli, Giuliana.

Rivista delgi Studi Orientali Roma , 16 Regamey, Constantin. Warszawa: The Warsaw Society of Sciences and Letters. Publications of the Oriental Commission 1. The Surangama Samadhi Sutra. Edkins, Joseph. In: A Buddhist Bible. Goddard, Dwight Ed. Boston: Beacon Press, [, ], Many other editions. G T16n Nobel, Johannes. William Grosnick. Princeton: Princeton. University Press, , pp. Suzuki Deisetz Teitaro. London: Routledge, Mainly done from the Sanskrit, the Translator makes extensive use of the three chinese versions. See also Suzukis: Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra. E T16n The Scripture on the Explication of Underlying Meaning.

Keenan , John P. Translation from the Tibetan with the help of Chinese. Muller, Charles. New York: Suny Press, Luk, Charles. Berkeley: Shambhala Publications, Reprint: London: Rider, Complete enlightenment: translation and commentary on The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment. Shi Sheng-yan. Elmherst, NY: Dharma Drum, Kiyota, Minoru. Collected Articles in honour of the 70 th birthday of Dr. Giebel, Rolf W. Sinclair, Ian. Unpublished M. Sinclair make also use of differing Sanskrit and Tibetan versions.

Samadhi 5 , Sitzungsberichte der heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-historische Klasse 12 Shurangama Sutra. T20n see T14n E 3. Grinstead, Eric. Sorensen Ed. Copenhagen: Sanford, James H. In: Robert L. Brown, ed. Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, T21n 12 see T14n Hirakawa in collaboration with Z.

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  • Ikuno and P. Vinaya — Monachisme et Discipline. Paris: Cathasia, Free renderings, sometimes contracted into summaries, of essential Vinaya texts. Heirman, Ann. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, Chung, Jin-il. Huber, Edouard. The teachings of the six heretics: according to the Pravrajyavastu of the Tibetan Mulasarvastivada Vinaya: with an appendix containing an English translation of the pertinent sections in the Chinese Mulasarvastivada Vinaya.

    Vogel, Claus. Steiner, Tibetan translation forms the first part of the Kanjur's Dul-ba-gzi section. The Chinese translation presented here in English translation in three versions , was made between and by I-Ching. Includes romanized Tibetan text followed by English translation, and English translation of three Chinese versions. Bapat, and A. Poona: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Takakusu, Junjiro. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Stache-Rosen ed. De Groot, J. Amsterdam: Bilingual edition.

    The Sutra on Upasaka Precepts. Heng-ching Shih. Journal of the American Oriental Society 87 In: Minor Buddhist Texts. Part I. Tucci, Giuseppe. Nagarjuna's discourse on the ten stages Dasabhumika-vibhasa : a study and translation from Chinese of Verses and Chapter 9.

    Shurangama-Sutra : Surangama Sutra

    Kyoto: Ryukoku gakkai, Ryukoku University, Kimura Hjelset , Hiroko. Thesis, University of London, Sept. Honolulu: Hawaii University Press, Stache-Rosen, Valentina. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, Paris: , pp. Translation of chapters 1 and 2. Treatise on Groups of Elements. Ganguly, Swati. Delhi: Eastern Book Linkers, The Essence of Metaphysics. Translated and annotated. Heart of Scholasticism with Miscellaneous Additons.