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Also teach simple English conversation classes to small groups of elementary school children in an after-school program at our Warabe Children's Center. At Futaba-En, in addition to supervising the daily routines of the live-in students at Futaba-En Children's Care Facility, teach private English conversation classes to the students.

At Warabe, teach English classes about 1 hour each day, and spend additional time playing with the children. Proper visa, teaching license, and experience teaching elementary school students preferably in Japan preferred. Paid holidays, paid vacation, transportation allowance, and "participation in the Company Health Insurance and Pension is required with matching company contributions made. Saika no Sato. Okayama, Japan. Short-term position: July August 9, The prime objectives are to improve the member's ability to effectively communicate, live and work overseas. Accommodation: dormitory is included.

Four-week contract. Position begins July 16, Contact Marc Cocchio. Shizuoka, Japan. M-F, Visit sightseeing spots, teach conversational English to children, grades in 5-day intensive course. Transportation allowance and free lunch. Short-term position: September-early December, Office hours, and hour final exam in the last week. Work location Shinjuku, Tokyo. Proper visa, MA in relevant field , and experience teaching the subject matter at the college level required.

Public transportation train or bus reimbursed. Alan Brender. Lakeland University Japan. Work location Osaka. Short-term position: July August 22, Work location Tsukishima Station. BA, and one year experience required. Contact Sinead Byrne. Blossoms International School. Teach English to children. Work location Niihama. Proper visa, native English speaker, and BS required. Contact Adam, GM. English House. Ehime, Japan. Work with elementary-aged students in after school English immersion program.

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Proper visa, and BA required. Native English speaker, certification, experience, and computer skills preferred. Transportation allowance, training, contract completion bonus, and incentives. Position begins June 30, Contact Caitlin Carlson, Supervisor. Innocence Plus. Sendai, Japan. Teach, help facilitate conversations and make corrections, and help Japanese staff with school upkeep. Work location Ginza, Iidabashi or Gotanda. Transportation allowance, training, and incentives. Nine-month renewable contract. Apply online. Contact Recruiter. One Coin English. Teach small group lessons students and private on-one-on lessons with students aged preschool through adult.

Work location Nagamachi, Sendai. Native English speaker, certification, and experience preferred. Part-time, Thur pm. Work location Inuyama-guchi station. Application deadline July 14, Baby-sit and teach conversational English to two children. Teach company classes. Experience teaching English in Japan, and "survival" Japanese ability preferred.

Transportation allowance, and textbooks provided. Position begins June, Sarah Gabriel. The Tokyo Center for Language and Culture. Teach math using Indoshiki Indian Method for elementary school children. Work location Mejiro, Tokyo. Contact Darrow Gershowitz. Tokyo Eigo Kai. Teach one-to-one Business English lessons via Skype to Japanese adults. Work location teachers residence. Proper visa, native English speaker, BA, one year teaching experience, computer skills, and over three years business experience office environment required.

Six-month to one-year renewable contract. Application deadline June 25, Work location Kobe City, Hyogo. Part-time, weekday evenings, and weekends. Teach beginners at one-on-one at lifestyle English conversation school.

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Proper visa, and beginning Japanese speaking ability preferred. Three- to twelve-month renewable contract. Contact Shunsuke Oyama. Part-time, M-F, evenings. Teach ESL lessons to adults at companies. Proper visa, and native English teacher required. BA preferred. Transportation allowance, training, and contract completion bonus.

Teach adult students minute man-to-man lessons, or group lessons with a maximum class size of 4 students. Work location Funabashi. One-month renewable contract. Kelly Farmer, Owner. Jabble English School. Chiba, Japan. Teach courses to strengthen practical English communication skills of business professionals. Proper visa, native English speaker, BA, three years teaching experience, and three years business experience required. Position begins spring, Teach Business English to adults at companies.

Over one year teaching experience preferred. BIZ English School. CET English School. Babysit and teach conversational English to children. Work location Hyogo various areas , Tokyo, and Osaka prefectures. Proper visa, native Japanese speaker, and BA required. Completion bonus. Positions begin June, Teach children from years old for afternoon classes. Six-month contract, renewable two or more times.

Contact Haruko Hashimoto. Little Minds. Part-time, Thur afternoon. Teach afterschool classes. Work location Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture. Part-time, Mon, 5pm. Teach at conversation school. Part-time, weekdays and weekends, pm. Teach a range of levels and courses including standardized English proficiency test preparation and content classes.

Contact Hiring Manager. J PREP. Teach beginner elementary aged students. Teach English and cross-culture. Work location Kobe and Akashi. Proper visa Working Holiday preferred , and BA required. Position begins June 16, Contact Ted Koizumi. World Rainbow Cross-Cultural Institute. Hyogo, Japan. Teach English and Programming mainly to students aged in afterschool course. Make activities and lesson plans. Work location Tokyo, Monzennakacho, Tozai-line station. Native English speaker, and BA preferred. Application deadline September 1, Contact CEO. FlyNexia Global Academy.

Teach English conversation classes for kindergarten through JHS students. Prepare classes using the materials provided and following the school's specified curriculum. Teachers will be required to work a small number of special events, and to assist the Japanese staff with administrative tasks as required during working hours. Proper visa, and native-level English speaker required.

Contact Ellie Yamamoto. Ellie's House English School. Aichi, Japan. Teach preschool aged children in the daytime and elementary school children and above in the evening. Work location Kita-Koshigaya Station. Teach children from years, mom and baby class, kindergarten class, children's class. Work location Kamimachi Station, Seragaya line. Little Minds International School. Teach five elementary school children at student's home. Part-time, Wed, minute class.

Transportation allowance, and "possibility to earn bonuses for material development. Application deadline end of May, Position begins June or July, Contact Marc Tremblay.

Fully immerse your learners in the IB approach.

Aurora English Kansai. Work location Tsujido Station. Transportation allowance to 30,yen , and incentives. Contact Jessica Iwakoshi, Head Teacher. Nobile Kids Shonan. Teach mainly adults. Native English speaker, proper visa, and mid-level Japanese speaking ability required. Accommodation: "can help to find room near school. Part-time, two 3-hour classes, and , Sat.

Teach grades three 10am-1pm, 3 students and two pm, 2 students using curriculum based on learning through English, not solely grammar, but topic based. There is a phonics portion of the lesson based on Jolly Phonics curricula, and "you will be asked to design your lesson based on the content provided and implement your lesson to the class.

Eleven-month renewable contract. Contact Don Porten, Head Teacher. English Studio. Teach classes, complete record sheets and student reports, prepare for college and university lessons by creating syllabi, assessment tools, and grading homework, and attend special course orientations. Work location Ichigaya and Tokyo metro area. Work location Katsumada station. Application deadline July, Teach students ranging from years working with a Japanese team teacher. Teach English to children to adults. Six-month to one-year contract, renewable three times.

Position begins August, Teach art techniques and art appreciation, and collaborate with homeroom teachers for students grades in a PYP Candidate School. Work location Kasai Station, Edogawa Ward.

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Accommodation: "For overseas candidates, the initial month is included. For local hires, a moving allowance is available. Sai Sishya International School. Teach English to students from children to adults. Teaching license preferred. Application deadline end of August, Position begins October 1, Contact Yoshimi Nagano. Smile English Club. Work location Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. One year experience teaching both children and adults in Japan.

Basic Japanese language ability, and familiarity with Windows 10, Word, Publisher, iTunes and other teaching technologies preferred. Accommodation: "assistance finding housing and getting settled in Okayama. Position begins July 1, flexible. Eikaiwa NEO. Teach students from years. The after-school students attend lessons at least twice a week, and many of them more frequently than that.

They are placed in a class suited to their age and ability, and communicate solely in English while in class. Paid holidays, paid vacation, transportation allowance, health insurance, training, incentives, paid overtime, and monthly bonus for no absence or lateness. Contact Akira Takeno, Director. BEC English School. Work location Onomichi City, Hiroshima. Accommodation: " for a month including utilities.

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All apartments are fully furnished. Application deadline end of June, Position begins August 1, Contact Narumi Kikumori, Manager. Ark Gaigogakuen. Head teacher in a Japanese kindergarten. Teach children from years old in classes of 25 students. Work with two other English teachers. Responsible for own class, curriculum and teaching.

Work location Center Minami. Native English speaker, and Japanese speaking ability required. Proper visa, university degree, certification, and two years teaching experience in Japan preferred. Paid holidays, paid vacation, transportation allowance, health insurance, and incentives. One- to three-year renewable contract. The International Language House. Teach children to adults. Work location Tomigusuku, Okinawa. Native English speaker required. Accommodation: "will provide accommodation at a discounted rate.

Teach English to children years old , and prepare for lessons preschool and after school program. Work location 10 min walk from Hitotubashi Gakuen station Seibu tamako line. Proper visa, native English speaker, and one year teaching experience in Japan required. Application deadline August 31, Position begins September 1, Contact Makiko Hori. Lucky Kids. Teach students from years, and attend occasional special events such as Sports Day on weekends.

Work location Tokyo and surrounding areas. Paid holidays, transportation allowance, health insurance, training, and contract completion bonus.

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Renewable contract through March, Vantage Japan, Inc. Teach PE in English from grade, and instructor of sports club for grades Work location Kizugawa-city, Kyoto Prefecture. Seven-month contract, renewable once. Developed directly with the IB, this step-by-step resource offers guidance on every aspect of the Extended Essay. Equip learners to fully understand and address each requirement, with a comprehensive outline of the latest assessment criteria Enable effective planning, research and writing, with step-by-step guidance on every stage of the process Target the transferable skills central to success, helping learners to achieve in the Extended Essay and beyond.

Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, these inquiry-based resources help learners process, analyze and articulate complex ideas. With detailed assessment support, these in-depth resources offer the most comprehensive match to the current syllabus. Inspire all learners with a wide range of international fiction and non-fiction Hone key analytical skills relating to literary criticism, commentaries and presentations through varied activities Support achievement with extensive asssesment preparation, including expert guidance and model answers.

Fully in line with the IB approach, these engaging resources develop independent thinking and international-mindedness. Confidently cover all apects of the current syllabus, and provide clear guidance on assessment, including sample student answers Invite reflection and discussion using a rich array of contextualized texts and accompanying activities Target skills development using the Skills and Practice resource, and streamline lesson preparation with the Teacher Companion.

Trusted by IB teachers across the world, these popular texts address all aspects of the current syllabus. Thoroughly support all students via a contemporary Course Book, packed full of activities, TOK links and assessment support Cement subject knowledge using the summaries, diagrams and exam-style questions contained in the Study Guide Develop essential skills via the tips, examples and exercises included in the Skills and Practice resource. Including support from the IB, this concept-based Course Book thoroughly prepares learners for assessment.

Comprehensively cover the syllabus, with explanations and activities mapped to the latest requirements, including revision checklists and practice question Motivate learners via exploration of contemporary, real-life examples, and plenty of thought-provoking TOK discussion points Reinforce understanding using the summaries, case studies and activities presented in the Study Guide. Developed directly with the IB, this comprehensively-updated, full-color Course Book fully reflects the new syllabus, for first assessment in Build a rich and holistic understanding of the subject via in-depth coverage of the most up-to-date theories and research Facilitate independent inquiry and develop ATL skills through exploration of real-world scenarios Support all learners with clear, accessible advice for exam preparation, plus suggestions for further reading and related media Cement understanding in preparation for assessment with the Study Guide.

Developed directly with the IB, this concept-based Course Book cements critical understanding of big picture issues. Nurture outward-looking, reflective learners by relating political theory to current, international case studies, key concepts and TOK Hone key skills via engaging ATL activities Prepare learners for assessment, using exam-style questions and examiner hints. Supporting the MYP curriculum framework, these resources strengthen mathematical understanding and develop conceptual awareness.

Enable critical exploration of mathematical content, framed within key and related concepts and global contexts Promote independent thinking via factual, conceptual and debatable questions Secure comprehension via clear summaries, worked solutions and extensive practice.

Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme PYP supports students in constructing and transferring meaning, and applying skills and knowledge with understanding. Oxford Mathematics Primary Years Programme supports students to construct and transfer meaning, and apply skills and knowledge with understanding.

About | ELL Strategies | Empowering ELLs

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