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The sacral and thaumaturgical monarchy of England and France, characterized by ritual crowning and anointing with holy oil, has long been a familiar model of medieval kingship.

Anatole France

This article examines how, from the mid-twelfth century, the Castillan and Spanish rulers, with few exceptions, rejected the traditional emblems of power and authority in use elsewhere in the medieval West. Never did the kings of Castile claim seriously to have the power to heal the sick ; nor did their birth, ascent to the throne, dying and burial enjoy any of the elaborate rituals associated with royalty in England or France. Instead the kings of Castile signaled their ascent to power with rituals and symbols of marked popular and martial flavor.

Several tentative explanations can be advanced for the development of unsacred monarchy in Castile.

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There began their exile. Married since , Samuel and Jochwet, took their three children, Isaac, Wolf and Gita, and headed northwest, toward Copenhagen Document 1. The exile then continued southward, through stops in big cities along the way. The Goldstein family thus arrived in Berlin, Germany, where Jochwet gave birth to a girl Feiga also called Viola in Berlin and Germany were apparently just a stopover in their exile, as the family, now made of up 11 people, reached France in February The presumably saw France, the first country to have granted the Jews equality before the law during the French Revolution, as a country of refuge.

Even though anti-Semitism was not totally absent, France had recently been marked by the rehabilitation of Captain Dreyfus in The latter died of whooping cough as an infant. On their arrival in France the Goldstein family resembled many other Jewish families that had emigrated from Eastern Europe. Integration must have seemed difficult at first for a Yiddish-speaking, working class family that had just journeyed through several European countries. Samuel was, for instance, a tailor. Nevertheless, in he compiled and filed a dossier with the Ministry of Justice requesting naturalization.

They soon had their first two children, Marie, born on October 14, , and Bernard, born on January 14, Document 4. Later on came their little brother Daniel on December 26, His father Wolf worked at the same trade as his grandfather Samuel, as a tailor. His mother Sonia was a housewife. Although his parents had been born abroad, they were bent on integrating completely into French society. His sister Marie tells how their father diligently read the newspaper every day to improve his master of the French language and to enrich his vocabulary.

He took his children to the opera and filled his home with art, books, and musical instruments. Bernard and his sister Marie thus read a great deal. Marie recalls that they even went to the booksellers on the banks of the Seine to buy the most wonderful stories, such as those of Alexandre Dumas.

The children also took music lessons; Bernard took violin, and Marie learned to sing. Marie says that in school Bernard was studious and liked his classes. His strong suit would have been mathematics. That was notably the case in Germany, stamped with the rise to power of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler on January 30, In the big cities like Paris the Jewish immigrant population maintained close ties.

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There were thus gathering places for the community. Bernard practiced boxing in a group of girls and boys established by the Rothschild family for the Jewish refugees from Poland and Russia. The only photo of Bernard that we have confirms that he boxed. He is pictured in shorts and tank top, his arms raised in the posture of a boxer.

The Hector Berlioz Website - A Catalogue of Berlioz’s Musical Works

Published by Serge Klarsfeld, this is the only photograph of him in the archives. As seen in this picture, Bernard appears to be a serious, determined boy. It does not look like it was taken off the cuff, but rather posed. The family residence on the rue de Nancy in Paris.

Abbattutis, Gian Alesio

It forbade the Jews access to many trades and professions, such as journalism, justice, government, teaching. In July it became compulsory for all Jews over the age of 6 to wear the yellow star. This measure stigmatized the Jews and made it possible to recognize them publicly. A photo taken in August in the courtyard of the school on the rue des Deux-Ponts in Paris shows several students with the yellow star sewn onto the breast of their clothing.

As for Marie Goldstein, she rebelled against this discriminatory measure and removed the yellow star sewn to her clothing when she went to the movies with her friends. That worried her mother Sonia considerably. The obligation to wear the yellow star provoked diverse reactions, notably among children. Another child, named Simon, had the support of his classmates, who cut out paper yellow stars and wore them themselves.

Jacques Laurent

This violence was stated to have been motivated by the support Samuel was affording a neighbor who was being arrested. The aim of this move was to excise the Jews from the national community. That this did not affect the Goldstein family was due to the fact that several of its members had done their military service in the French army in , as mentioned earlier. This caused ever-increasing anxiety in Jewish families, as they thenceforth were aware that women and children were also being arrested. Wolf, who was working as a tailor in a police station, was warned of the coming roundups, and was thus able to escape with his family.

Marie Goldstein tearing off her yellow star. On June 6, the Allies carried out the big landing operation in Normandy. The American, British, and Canadian soldiers progressively liberated the French territory, chasing out the Nazis.

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This did not, however, mean the war was over, and the dangers that threatened the Jews were still dire. And so on July 1, the Gestapo organized a roundup in the 10 th district of Paris, where Bernard was living with his parents, his sister, and his brother. Bernard and his sister were not at home at the time of the roundup. Tauba was employed there. Marie refused to go the Center and took refuge with friends. According to her they had been denounced by neighbors hoping to acquire their apartment.

Marie once again avoided being rounded up, since she was not on the premises. Despite our research we were unable to find out what happened to Bernard between the 1st and the 22nd of July, When they got out of the trucks the children and employees of the UGIF were grouped and sent to the hut in the center of the camp to be searched. There their personal belongings were confiscated. They were then registered, and French police filled out a card listing their family name, first name, date of birth, nationality, profession, and the place and date of their arrest.

They were allotted an I. Under construction up to , it remained unfinished for lack of adequate financing.

sacré Charlemagne

The overall structure of the development was complete, but the inside was bare and there was no sanitation. The prisoners were regularly moved around in the camp. The internment cards of Wolf, Sonia, Daniel, and Bernard let us follow their moves through the staircase and room numbers written at the top right of the cards. That is how we know that Sonia and her son Daniel were first separated from Wolf Goldstein upon their arrival at the camp on July 3, When Bernard was interned at Drancy on July 22 nd , he was apparently not at first placed near his family.

Later, several days before they were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, he, his parents, and his little brother were grouped together in room 2, staircase 8. This corresponds to the way the Drancy camp worked, as staircases 1 through 8 were reserved for the prisoners to be deported in the next convoy. On July 21, Bernard, his parents, his little brother, and his aunt were sent to the Bobigny train station. As it was not far from Drancy, they were taken there in busses. Bobigny replaced the le Bourget station in July as the departure point for the convoys of deported Jews toward the East.

Bernard and his relatives, like the other deportees, were shoved and heaped together in cattle wagons whose doors were then locked and whose windows were obstructed Document 7. The 77 th convoy was thus ready to leave for the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was composed of persons, including about children.

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He furnished us with some very important testimony on the conditions in which the deportation took place. The trip took three days and four nights in horrible conditions. The deportees lacked water and food.