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Measuring, she says, also alludes to her mother, a violinist who was always aware of the precise measures in music. Miriam Bat-Ami lives in Mattawan where she and her husband raised two children, as well as dogs, cats, chickens, and an assortment of small furry creatures. She has published four other books. When she is not writing or gardening, she acts in local theaters and loves making people laugh.

What if, looking back on a night in the past, you remember only that you drank until you blacked out? Then you find a video that seems to indicate that you murdered a friend while you were out. Listen Live.

Literary pilgrims welcome

Mei Chan: Birds are so lucky Edward: A bird? That's lame.

If you were a bird, you'd have flimsy hollow bones, and your brain would be the size of a pea. Not to mention the fact that you would be constantly crapping in mid-air to keep your weight down. Why would you want to be an animal like that? Mei Chan: Mr. Edward, you're not very popular with girls, are you? Edward: That's ridiculous! How could an intellectual like me not be popular! A mundane universe Is overwriting all the values I know. Comic Books. One Fantastic Four story had a villain steal not the intelligence, but the creativity of Reed Richards, who is regarded as one of the most intelligent men in the Marvel Universe.

He found himself shocked to discover that he couldn't even stare at a flower without being hit by the sheer sense of wonder Richards feels at the existence of all things! Watchmen Dr. Manhattan finds wonder in such miracles as the bonding of atoms and the formation of mountains and continents, but doesn't hold any regard for life itself mostly because he thinks he knows everything life has to offer.

In fact, he only starts to love life again when he analyzes just how completely and utterly improbable to the point of it almost being a statistical impossibility daily life is. He found he was losing his awe for owls in studying them, until a chance encounter with a hunting owl brought his fascination back.

Green Lantern : Krona's stories often involve this trope. Coupled with his trademark impatience, it has led him to stumble on disaster after disaster because, unlike the aversions below, he insists on quantifying and qualifying everything, and is especially devoted to having a meaningful conversation with the sentience of the universe. The few times he's granted his wish, he is chided for his simplistic approach and rebuffed for his ignorance.

Played with during a Spider-Man arc where Spider-Man, having temporarily lost his spider-senses, agreed to let Shang Chi train him in martial arts to compensate. Spider-Man was able to grasp the scientific aspects of Shang Chi's teaching, but struggled a bit with the philosophical aspects. Spider-Man: I think I've got this.

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Inchworm - The Nursery Rhyme Collections

It's mass, acceleration, leverage and a knowledge of human biology. That's science, and I'm great at science. Shang Chi: No, Spider-Man, it is so much more. This is no mere application of brute force. It is an art, and an expression of the self. Spider-Man: What if most of myself is science? Comic Strips. One B.

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Referenced in the FoxTrot arc where Andy becomes obsessed with the film Titanic , to the point that Roger worries about her. Jason begins describing production trivia to her "Did you know the scenes with everyone drowning were filmed in a heated indoor pool, and their foggy breath was added by computers? Andy accuses Jason of trying to ruin her enjoyment of the film. The final panel has Jason telling Roger, "She's onto us. Do I still get paid?

After hearing Jon's farmer brother Doc Boy explain how potato chips are made, Garfield complains that knowing where food comes from means all the magic is gone. Dept Heaven Apocrypha has Ledah , a workaholic overachiever with all the apparent emotional capacity of a brick wall. Slowly, it's been revealed that this is more a result of his walled-in emotional problems and history of being abused than anything else, as he displays quite childish wonder at something so simple as realizing he has a friend.

In the fanfic The Conflicts of Haruhi Suzumiya there is a scene where Ryoko is watching the rain, explaining all the ways she can analyse it. She ends with, "It's beautiful.

Measuring the Marigold – an explanation

The more I find out, the more I feel I can appreciate how special everything really is. It becomes quite horrific due to its being combined with an increasing disinterest in humans as anything other than spare parts or test subjects. One of the given examples of a low-Obligation Genius has him trapping someone in a restraining machine and peeling off their face to watch the way their muscles work more easily, hooking them up to a machine that keeps them alive through this only while he's interested in his study. Discord stood on his lawn to greet it.

He loved moments like this, when the sky and shadows changed, when the crispness in the air made it feel like it would crinkle if he moved too quickly, where the beauty of the natural world was fully manifest. Understanding the optics, the fluid dynamics, and all the other myriad secrets behind moments like this didn't lessen their beauty, it enhanced them. To watch the rising sun was to gaze into the inner workings of the universe. Films — Live-Action. He's also shown to be enraptured by the sciences especially forensics and CAN see and enjoy the beauty in the world around him. He just likes reducing it to the bare facts to tweak those around him, especially Watson.

Played with in Short Circuit. Toward the end of the film, Newton is trying to figure out if Number 5 has really "come alive. It is foreshadowed earlier in the film that Number 5 has this capacity: though he regurgitates scientific information at the drop of a hat, he is also able to see abstract shapes in clouds , rather than just dismissing them as pockets of water vapor. Newton Crosby: Number 5, What do you make of this? Number 5: Hmmm Wood pulp, plant — vegetable — tomato, water, salt, monosodium glutamate Newton Crosby: [disappointed] Okay, thank you.

Now you're talking like a robot. Sherlock Holmes is a Playing with a Trope. He was always complaining about how Watson kept writing the adventures in a dramatic fashion rather than focusing on the meaningful facts, but he has his own flair for the dramatic.

measuring the marigolds

He claims he only has useful and practical information in his head and yet he is fascinated by those fields he deems practical. The first time Watson met Holmes in A Study in Scarlet , he was in the middle of an ecstatic nerdgasm as he'd just invented the ancestor of luminol. In "The Valley of Fear" he laid a trap for the villain and kept his associates in the dark about what he was doing specifically because it was more dramatic that way. In "The Lion's Mane", Holmes admits that Watson's storytelling is needed to fully engage the reader's interest rather than a straightforward depiction of cold facts.

At one point she says things like food don't matter to her beyond nutritional value - she could eat a banquet or take some vitamin pills and it would be the same to her. Read it here. Do not all charms fly At the mere touch of cold philosophy? There was an awful rainbow once in heaven: We know her woof, her texture; she is given In the dull catalogue of common things. Look closely, are you to view the greatness in the small, see divine thoughts heighten from the pale grass Gandalf : He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.

Live-Action TV. Our Miss Brooks : Mr. The Grape Scrubber's Lament.

Mandible Chatter: Measuring the Marigolds - Musikstreaming - Lyssna i Deezer

Signposts On the Sea. The Willow Tree.

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Trampoline Town. Eastward Ho! Psychotic Reaction. Children of Darkness. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. The original idea was to record a "magical folk" album, in the time-honored tradition of Donovan and the Incredible String Band. But their experimental past crept back in, haunting songs like "The Grape Scrubber's Lament" with an eerie ambience. Childlike folk songs sit side by side with straight out rockers like "Hurricane.