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The Darwath Trilogy

Hawke Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Night Wolfs Kiss Night Wolf Adventure series book, this is one of the most wanted J. Hawke English 01 August J. Geralt of Rivia was a witcher , Ciri 's adoptive father, and despite their tumultuous relationship, loved the sorceress Yennefer , who was considered the love of his life.

During the Trial of the Grasses , Geralt exhibited unusual tolerance for the mutagens that grant witchers their abilities. Accordingly, Geralt was subjected to further experimental mutagens which rendered his hair white and may have given him greater speed, strength, and stamina than his fellow witchers. Despite his title, Geralt did not hail from the city of Rivia. After being left with the witchers by his mother, Visenna , he grew up in their keep of Kaer Morhen in the realm of Kaedwen. In the interest of appearing more trustworthy to potential clients, young witchers were encouraged to make up surnames for themselves by master Vesemir.

As his first choice, Geralt chose "Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde", but this choice was dismissed by Vesemir as silly and pretentious, so "Geralt" was all that remained of his chosen name. Later, Queen Meve of Lyria knighted him for his valour in the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga conferring on him the formal title "of Rivia", which amused him. He, therefore, became a true knight of Lyria, only to lose the title soon after for departing. Geralt was the son of the sorceress Visenna and, presumably, the warrior Korin.

Prior to , shortly after his birth, Geralt was taken by his mother to the School of the Wolf at the stronghold of Kaer Morhen. There, Geralt was trained and made to be a witcher. He survived the many blistering mutations required to grant witchers their abilities and passed the Trial of the Grasses. Geralt's intensive training, and the mutagenic experimentation carried out upon him, have granted him considerably greater strength, speed, endurance, resilience, healing, senses, complete immunity to diseases and conventional poisons, and an extreme resistance to pain. Geralt was eventually put through the Trial of Forest Eyes , where he was left tied up in the woods and blindfolded and needed to return to the keep by the morning or he would fail.

He was helped out of his binds by the elf Aideen , where they went to look at the non-human reservation to find the camp had been attacked by vrans. They then left and came across some Cat School witchers training and wrestling. Aideen then unbound Geralt and left him to return to his master. In the first round Geralt and Gweld faced off, slowly realizing while they were fighting that the whole tournament was a ruse. As they came to that realization however, a druid put a mind control spell upon Gweld which made him violently attack Geralt, forcing Geralt to kill his friend with a sword through the chest.

Right after this, soldiers under Radowit's command surrounded the witchers and started to kill them all, but Geralt was able to escape on horseback, causing Radowit to put a bounty on his head. Geralt then came across Aideen again in the woods, who persuaded him not to kill the soldiers who slaughtered his fellow witchers, though he did kill one of Radowit's men that he saw along his trip back to Hertch , where he warned the elders about Radowit and the Cat School's betrayal.

Due to his brilliant success in training, Geralt was selected for additional mutation experiments. He was the only witcher to have survived these experiments, his stark white hair being a side effect of these additional mutations. After finishing his witcher training, Geralt set off into the world on a horse named Roach , a name he would bestow upon every one of his later horses. Thus, he became a monster slayer for hire.

An unknown time later, he killed an amphisbaena and went to the court of King Idi of Kovir , where he handed in the head of the beast. However the king's mages , Zavist and Stregobor , told the king that Geralt was little more than a charlatan, so the king didn't pay the witcher anything and demanded he leave Kovir in 12 hours, which Geralt was barely able to do on account of the king's hourglass being broken.

Two years later he made his way to Blaviken where the alderman, Caldemeyn , was happy to see the witcher after so many years since Geralt's last visit. While he couldn't offer a reward on a kikimore that Geralt killed nearby, his guards suggested the local mage, Irion , might have some use for it. However, when they arrived at the mage's tower , Geralt immediately saw Irion was actually none other than Stregobor. Once the witcher and mage were alone, the two discussed the past, with Geralt sardonically remarking on how Stregobor talked the former King Idi out of paying him back in Kovir.

Pushing this aside, Stregobor revealed he needed Geralt's help: Renfri , a bandit and the leader of a gang , was in town looking to kill him, and therefore he wished for the witcher to kill Renfri. Unfazed by this, Geralt remarked it wasn't his problem and left. Geralt found her gang sans leader, but none of them were very cooperative and just made jokes until one member, Fifteen , challenged him to a fight.

What is Kobo Super Points?

However, before it could begin, Renfri appeared and went to talk to Geralt and Caldemeyn in private, with the latter demanding she leave town or be thrown in jail. Unperturbed, Renfri revealed a letter of safe conduct from King Audoen which gave her immunity in Hengfors and Arcsea and after another short discussion, Geralt and the alderman left. That night, as Geralt went to his guest room in Caldemeyn's home, he found Renfri there, who eventually revealed her entire past, including how Stregobor played a part in banishing the princess from her own kingdom on account of her being born during a black sun , setting into play a constant struggle between the two: her trying to kill the mage and the mage trying to kill her.

She then asked Geralt to help her kill Stregobor, but the witcher once again refused to take sides. After telling her she should leave town, Renfri remarked on the Tridam ultimatum , before agreeing she'd leave the next day, but in the meantime wished to sleep with Geralt, who obliged.

The Wolf and the Lion

The next morning though, as Geralt ate breakfast with Caldemeyn and his family, the alderman revealed the deadly meaning behind the Tridam ultimatum, making Geralt realize Renfri's ruse was to take the market goers hostage and he ran off to the market, which was preparing for its busiest day of the year. When he arrived, he found Renfri's gang, who hadn't acted yet as Renfri went off to give Stregobor the ultimatum first. Not wanting to take chances, Geralt fought with the gang, viciously killing them all off in front of the townspeople before Renfri showed up, who refused to stand down, forcing Geralt to fight and kill her as well.

As she died, Stregobor appeared, having seen it all from his crystal ball , and wished to do an autopsy on the dead princess. However, Geralt threatened to slay the mage if he so much as touched Renfri's body, and thus Stregobor left to return to Kovir. The townspeople, not realizing how close they'd come to being hostages and killed off, proceeded to throw stones at Geralt for his actions until Caldemeyn stepped in to stop it.

The Wolf and the Lion

He then asked for Geralt to leave and never return to Blaviken. As Geralt left the tent, he was approached by Merwin, who showed him a scroll from King Henselt of Kaedwen , who told him that Merwin was under the protection of Kaedwen and anyone defying Merwin defied the kingdom. Shortly after in the woods Geralt met Lambert , who had just killed some wolves and explained that Merton Bringgs and his group of dwarves had tried to enter the keep, but Lambert caught them.

As Geralt entered the keep, he found Vesemir who informed him that Deidre had returned a couple days earlier, running from her envious brother and an evil sorceress, and that Eskel had told him that Deidre was actually his surprise child from about 20 years ago. Vesemir then told Geralt to go look for Eskel. Geralt soon found Eskel, who explained how Deidre had become his surprise child, but ultimately hadn't decided if he should hand her over to Sabrina or not.

The who then made their way back to Vesemir, who decided the 4 should vote on it, with it coming down to Geralt's choice as Eskel chose to trust whatever his fellow witcher decided. If Geralt voted to keep Deidre safe: Geralt and Eskel convinced Deidre to go with them to the camp where the prince and the sorceress were.

History of Wolves | Grove Atlantic

Once there though, despite Deidre agreeing she'd give up any claim to the throne and any titles and estates like her brother wanted, Sabrina then tried to have Merton arrest her. In the ensuing chaos, Deidre struck Eskel, causing deep facial scars, and killed Merton with her sword but Sabrina escaped through a portal.

The witchers then entered a fight with Merwin's group before Geralt followed Deidre into Sabrina's tent where he found Deidre, Sabrina, and Merwin. Merwin asked Geralt to kill Deidre, but she pleaded for her life saying she didn't mean to hurt Eskel. Geralt then tried to convince Deidre to let her anger towards Sabrina and her brother go, as that was best for everyone. If Geralt told Deidre to leave the keep: Geralt and Eskel informed Deidre she had to leave, with Eskel explaining she was putting Kaer Morhen in danger by being there. Angry at this, she struck Eskel, causing deep facial scars, and summoned archespores, which attacked the two witchers while she ran off.

After dealing with the immediate threats, Geralt informed Vesemir about the situation before going to Sabrina to get her help to heal Eskel, and giving the sorceress permission to hunt down Deidre. The rest of the winter at Kaer Morhen passed more peacefully and Geralt left come spring to continue his trade. During one of their many travels, Geralt and Dandelion stopped in Upper Posada to look for work, however the only "monster troubles" the people could come up with were tall tales and creatures that didn't actually exist, so the two soon left to find another place for work.

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