Manual Food Safety Management in China:A Perspective from Food Quality Control System

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  1. Food Safety Management In China : A Perspective From Food Quality Control System
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These developments pose major challenges to our thinking about law and governance, legal institutions and legal processes, notably about the safety and quality of food. Today no country is an island when it comes to food safety and quality. The new Research Center aims to bring this new perspective to bear on the governance of food safety and quality law and policy in China. The Center for Research on Food Safety Law and Policy also benefits from its participation in wider research networks in China and on the international stage. It invites proposals for further cooperation. Professor Francis Snyder.

Food Safety Management In China : A Perspective From Food Quality Control System

Our research assistants are selected from current students and graduates of STL. Current research assistants include:. The activities of the Center will focus first on the structure and implementation of the recently adopted Chinese Food Safety Law The three projects focus respectively on:. The projects give priority to the viewpoint of consumers. They focuses on fruit and vegetables using the specific example of apples. They give special but not exclusive emphasis to small workshops 10 employees or less , which are responsible for most food safety incidents in China.

By providing a space for debate and reflection, the Conference intends to contribute to the emergence of more diverse theoretical approaches on the subject. It will enable the participants not only to expand their network and broaden their horizon, but also to take part in the construction of European research networks and promote China-Europe dialogue.

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The Conference is designed for doctoral candidates and recent PhDs in humanities and social sciences currently in China or planning to be in China in the summer of , either European nationals or affiliated with a European university or research institute, regardless of nationality. Among the different disciplines that will be considered: anthropology, law, economics, geography, history, literature, international relations, political sciences and sociology.

The conference will sponsor domestic travel within China and accommodation in Beijing for selected participants; however, no funding is available for international travel. The jury members were:. Both very large countries of ancient urbanization are characterized by many small towns and have developed gigantic metropolises during the last decades.

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A regional diversity is linked to former processes of unequal concentration of urban development. The most interesting result is identifying for the first time a reverse trend in the evolution of the Chinese urban hierarchy compared to other countries in the world among which India: despite the very rapid recent urban growth, the inequalities in city sizes are decreasing.

This may in part depend of the under-registration of migrant urban populations.

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  • Comparing the trajectories of Indian and Chinese cities may well improve the prospect of global urbanization that is crucial for the world and the planet. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham. China is experiencing a dramatically increasing process of rural-urban migration, which is almost parallel with the phenomenal economic growth and development in China in the last decades. Given the massive scale of rural-urban migration in China, the health services access and health constraints not only matter to rural-urban migrants but also have important implications for broad public health concerns.

    However, this issue has not been paid enough attention in academic research. This study focuses on the multifaceted reality of health constraints and health services access among migrants by originally exploring the social strata, social networks, and the understanding of health and health services among migrants.

    The research questions are stated as follows: What constraints and difficulties do migrants face with respect to their health and health services access? Is there a hierarchical structure in health services access and medical treatment access among migrants? What are their understanding and experience of health and why?

    Furthermore, this study investigates the health constraints and health services access of rural-urban migrants in the absence of equal social protection by the government. By conducting 36 qualitative interviews in Dengcun Village, a migrant community in Beijing, China, this paper:. She is currently monitoring information online on the subject of migrants in China for UrbaChina.

    Paris: Presse de Sciences Po. Lakes, streams, the air, the soil are all affected. This degradation has sparked sometimes violent demonstrations from the people concerned, already in the tens of thousands every year.

    This report discusses how the environmental issue is making its way in the civil society and spheres of government of the Middle Kingdom. Summary — The purpose of this article is to highlight how three decades of sustained growth have resulted in a massive deterioration of the environment in China. Thus, a number of measures have been taken by the government to address the issue, but, given the scale of the challenge, these cannot yield results in the short term. This evolution is made necessary by the moving frontiers of roles played by stakeholders, particularly in the field of environmental protection: from limited circles of environmental activism, encouraged as well as controlled by the government since the s, the civil society is today moving towards more independent ways of demonstrating its environmental awareness, as recent events have shown.

    Abstract — This article seeks to analyze the representations of nature and the practices related to these representations in contemporary China. It is based on an anthropological research conducted in Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province, a city rather opened to outside influences due to its proximity with Hong Kong and therefore rather less affected by the control of the party-state than the rest of the country. The author shows how small groups of environmentalists appear, and study the political relations that develop from this new tropism.

    Between the control of the party-state and the subversive logic that underlie the very idea of nature conservation, a very diverse rank of attitudes and conceptions showing the entrance of China into a global world can be grasped. This article aims at addressing the underlying philosophical and political reasons of its growing use. Abstract — This paper explores developments in environmental policy-making in China under the angle of environmental justice.

    Journal of Food Quality

    While the extent of environmental damages and their social impacts are relatively well known, the political implications of environmental conflicts are less documented. The paper shows that the developments of legislation, collective action, public participation and litigation, served as converging factors to allow for some significant improvements in environmental policy-making procedures over the last decade. Although these innovation remained local, and far from reversing the general state of the environment in China, they introduced significant changes in the patterns of interaction among relevant policy stakeholders.

    Abstract — In the global warming issue, China now covers the record of the first world polluter. Moreover, by far the country has shown a reticent attitude towards the possibility of engaging in an international accord stipulating concrete targets for emissions reduction. The answer seems to be positive. Abstract — The pollution and the high Chinese level of emitted greenhouse gas are a challenge for the Communist Party and the Chinese political regime.

    The internal challenge is coming from the consequences of pollution on the population and the large discontent it fuels. The external challenge is due to the international stage position of the first greenhouse gas producer and the second GDP of the world economy. This major challenge requires a structural change of the energy production and consumption of the country. As a consequence, China became one of the main actors of the energy transition through its two last five-year plans.

    The huge investment level in clean tech energy conversion chains is the translation of the Chinese political will. This situation creates tensions with Western countries. Abstract of the book In recent years, China has taken a number of effective measures to strengthen the supervision of food quality and safety, but food safety incidents still occur sometimes. Chapter 5 and 6 The book is written in an accessible style, allowing general readers access to the subject.

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    Dorothy J. Read full text on eScholarship. This topic should be approached by communications through the following items: Tradition in modernity: how, despite modernization, the Chinese people have managed to keep certain traditions in their daily lives, their ways of thinking, their rituals, festivals, etc. Later on, more information will be provided about parallel activities to the conference. Finally, note that the Portuguese Institute of Sinology offers free registration.

    Date 25 January , 4. Admission is free, without prior reservation, within the number of places available. Practical arrangements The conference will sponsor domestic travel within China and accommodation in Beijing for selected participants; however, no funding is available for international travel. Registration details and schedule A paper title and abstract up to 20 lines in English is to be sent by 15 February to Ms.

    The selected participants will be notified by 15 April The final papers up to words should be sent by 31 May For more information. By conducting 36 qualitative interviews in Dengcun Village, a migrant community in Beijing, China, this paper: Investigates issues concerning environmental health risks of migrants, their health seeking behaviours, and the constraints they encountered in accessing health services with respect to the social strata among migrants.

    It argues that the main obstacles to access health services are not only the shortage of financial resources among rural-urban migrants, but also lie in the institutional blindness regarding health security provision, rural-urban dualism and the household registration system in China. Highlights the key function that social networks play in health and health services access among migrants in China, which has rarely been discussed in previous studies.

    Examines the range of social networks among migrants, from which they can acquire support, including financial and spiritual, when they are dealing with health problems. The study argues that social networks resemble a double-edged sword to rural-urban migrants in terms of health care access. The fact that migrants lack savings may not be the sole and essential reason for their extreme vulnerability in times of illness.

    Some migrants, who are in financial difficulties though, may have some assistance, including financial support and emotional support from their social networks.