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​What Does the Military Diet Entail?

  1. What Is the Military Diet? Everything to Know About This Strange 3-Day Diet Plan
  2. The Original Three-Day Diet Plan
  3. The 3-Day Military Diet Says You Can Lose up to 10 Pounds in One Week
  4. The 3 day Military Diet Plan with pictures and information

Or, the resurgence of a strange diet fad called the military diet, a three-day diet that promises dieters a pound weight loss thanks to a random array of foods including ice cream, toast, and hot dogs. Is this three-day military diet plan the secret to quick weight loss, or is it all hoax? Here, dietitians and nutrition experts share what you need to know about the military diet and whether it's actually healthy for you.

Let's get one thing straight: Despite its namesake, the military diet doesn't actually have any legit military origins, according to registered dietitian Tara Allen , R. The military diet plan is similar to other three-day diet plans think: the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic three-day diet plans as it claims to promote weight loss in a short period of time by restricting calories. Much like the military diet, the Drinking Man's Diet incorporated martinis and steak in the diet but kept carbohydrate and calorie counts fairly low, she explains.

Another unhealthy diet trend that includes lots of red meat: The Vertical Diet. Safe to say, you can skip that diet plan, too. Overall, the military diet is a pretty low-calorie plan, considering dieters are encouraged to consume approximately 1, calories on day one, 1, calories on day two, and roughly 1, calories on day three, explains JJ Virgin, a board-certified nutrition specialist. When you are on the diet you are supposed to follow it for three days in one week, she adds.

Military diet-approved foods aren't what you'd typically think of as "diet" fare, including hot dogs, toast, ice cream, and canned tuna, says registered dietitian Brooke Alpert. See the full breakdown of the diet meals below. These same meals are prescribed for everyone observing the diet and are carefully planned out so you don't overindulge or stray off the diet since you can only eat the foods recommended below , says Alpert.

Dinner: 3 oz. It's important to note that liquids are also restricted on the diet, and water and herbal teas are the only approved beverages, explains registered dietician Beth Warren. It's okay to drink coffee on the first day-but sugar, creamers, and artificial sweeteners are off limits, meaning you'll only be able to use stevia in your coffee if needed.

Alcohol, however, is definitely off limits, especially since wine and beer tend to contain a lot of calories, says Virgin. First off, the inconsistency of the military diet is a red flag, according to Warren, who says the diet isn't consistent with its structure of meals and says the lack of guidance can make it confusing and difficult for a dieter to understand how to follow and what to eat. Limiting your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, means you're likely not getting the amount of fiber, antioxidant vitamins A and C, potassium, and phytonutrients you need on a daily basis, she says.

Since the diet also includes limited dairy, you'll likely be low on vitamin D, calcium, and potassium too-nutrients that most Americans are already lacking, says Amidor. Since the diet is super low-carb, you're not getting enough whole grains, either-which are a great source of B vitamins and fiber, she says. Overall, the diet is too low in carbs and calories to provide your body with enough food and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, adds Amidor.

It's enough to physically survive, but you might be a bit 'hangry' and could potentially have extremely low energy levels, says Warren. If you're wondering about weight loss? Yes, you will lose some weight on the military diet if you're used to eating a couple thousand calories per day just like any diet that restricts your calorie intake , according to Amidor.

What Is the Military Diet? Everything to Know About This Strange 3-Day Diet Plan

However, it's likely you'll go back to your old eating habits and gain the weight right back once you're off the diet, which can create a vicious cycle, she says. However, the cons-including the minimal selection of foods, reliance on processed meats which are not the healthiest , and low amount of fruits and vegetables allowed-tend to outweigh the pros, says Virgin. And, of course, the low-cal nature of the military diet can dangerous, says Amidor. This is especially true if you plan to exercise: Attempting to do high-intensity workouts on such a low-calorie diet could potentially cause you to become weak, light-headed, and fatigued-so low-intensity cardio or walking is your safest option during this diet, says Allen.

What to Eat to Lose Weight in 5 Days

It's safe to say that the military diet is yet another short-term crash diet, says Alpert. Any weight lost will be water weight, she says, and you may even see a loss of muscle mass due to the fact that it's a low-calorie plan. And like all crash-diets known to man, Alpert says the military diet is meant to make only a short-term impact instead of teaching positive eating habits that can be sustained for a long, healthy life.

Is the military diet effective?

As a result, she says it's very likely participants will gain back any weight lost shortly after concluding the diet. You should stop restrictive dieting. What Is the Military Diet? By Courtney Leiva.

The Original Three-Day Diet Plan

Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. Comments 48 Add Comment. April 9, March 23, March 18, The first thing I wanted to do was to get rid of cellulite. After much trial and error, I finally found a program that taught me the correct body movements to stimulate all 90 muscles of my lower body and the right way to optimize my hormones through nutrient balance.

The end result is astonishing. Cellulite is gone.

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The firmness and tightness of my body is something I've never felt before. We would recommend changing your eating and grocery shopping habits to make lifelong sustainable adjustments, such as using a healthy grocery list.

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  6. Also, you should increase your physical activity to help you lose weight more sustainably and healthily. The following military diet menu is the same one that is found in many places around the internet.

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    Now that you know the score and the diet plan, here you can find and download a printable version of your military diet shopping list. For the other 4 days a week, we highly recommend eating healthy. To assist with this, you can use our healthy grocery list template for pointers and inspiration. Once more, we highly recommend consulting a doctor before undertaking any sort of diet. Have you been on the military diet or a similar 3 day diet plan? Would you recommend any other diets instead of this one? Let us know in the comments.

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    It will not work if you substitute anything because all the foods listed work together in a certain way. OK Suzy wasn't able to start but I did. Lost 7. I cycled off and start back today. Substitutes are permitted google 3 day military diet they list them on their site. I usually lose 3 pounds each time; but, you will eventually lose; I normally do the diet for 4 days 1,2,3,1st day again. I don't think I like some of the foods but I really want to lose the weight. Some times you got to stop making picky excuses and step up. No one is forcing you to diet.

    Asking to change this and that says a great deal about a person. Do you talk about all the things your going to do to make you a person you want to be or do you just do it without needing a crowed to cheer you on. Your body is your responsibility, and you only get one body and no one feels what you feel so what you do with your body is up to you.

    Do some self study if you have to. I had a couple of extra saltine crackers. Other than that I know it works. I will do it again in 4 days. Awesome Sauce. I'm just getting started cause a friend actually gave it to me but it wasn't correct, so i will start again tomorrow, i did get breakfast right.. Can i add homemade chili for flavor? This chemical balance way to lose 10 pounds in 3 days does work.

    That's why it's called a chemical balance way to lose weight 10 pounds in 3 days. I have had a complete thyroidectomy and am going through menopause.

    The 3-Day Military Diet Says You Can Lose up to 10 Pounds in One Week

    If this works, I'll be shocked. Nothing much works for me anymore. I'll post results in 3 days. I'm on Day 2 of the diet now - the 1st day I lost. NOT 8 lbs. Point 8 pounds. Not surprised. OK - started the diet Wednesday - Thursday morning I had lost. I still have 1 more day to weigh in But losing 2. Losing lots of weight in a short amount of time never really works well for me or anybody.

    Weight Watchers is good because I tend to make healthier choices. I'll opt for the second. I haven't been on Weight Watchers since I had the total thyroidectomy, so I don't know how well that will work now either, but, if nothing else, I'll be eating healthier. After 3 days, I lost 5.

    The 3 day Military Diet Plan with pictures and information

    Not bad. Almost 2 pounds a day. I'm pleasantly surprised. I must note this is the first diet of ANY kind I've been on in quite some time. It would make sense if I cut back my food intake this drastically, I would lose weight. I also only drank 3 bottles of water each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Company extended stay, very hard to try now. It is my choice, they don't have to agree starting in the morning. Wish me luck. I tried this diet and really like it.