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Some villains are extremely dangerous, while others seem a little tame. The Mad Hatter is often seen as just obsessed with his Alice in Wonderland motif. With his expertise in hypnosis and hypnotherapy combined with his mind-controlling tech he places inside hats, he's ready to turn Batman's world upside-down. Batman has recently tracked down Poison Ivy for help and fought Mister Freeze. He's about to discover who is working behind the scenes against him. But these people have a whole lot of weirdness going on in their brains because we did not know that being scared of pickles and cotton balls was even possible for any logical reason.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To scare the shit out of this woman. Do you think his own reflection terrifies him? Alice, Ina, Harry, and Edith Liddell, circa The old cult of the divided self was, at its secret heart, optimistic and expansive, implying that every quality included its opposite, and that anyone could be anything: a tender aesthete might lead the Arabs in revolt; a novelist by day might be a rake by night. We like double people, too all those stockbroker psychos, all t The New Yorker.

Which appears as bored as the audience. The film suffers fro Morton Cohen wrote the definitive biography of Lewis Carroll and edited his voluminous correspondence. Cohen tracked down many of the women Carroll had corresponded with when they were young. Makeup Artist Paints Her Pucker to Turn Her Lips into Mesmerizing Works of Art Makeup has always been one of the best ways for people to outwardly express themselves—more so now than ever, thanks to contemporary beauty trends. For years, Andrea Reed, aka Girl Grey Beauty, has created lip art that blows us away with its color, detail, and creativity.

The Pirelli calendar, known for its exclusive readership and tantalizing imagery, is defying its own conventions with its theme. However, its latest page spread is going in a fa The retelling, which stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and the Beast, respectively, has been earning decent reviews. While it's sure to be a good time, not every Disney remake has improved on the original animated versions. There has been a recent influx of live-action remakes of Disney's most memorable pictures, beginning with the monster success of 's Alice In Wonderland.

Since then, the studio has been busy updating their classics for a new audience. There are even more rema Video projections swirl and dazzle, tiny doors dance, the Cheshire Cat floats smiling through the action. Both dance and characterisation have to fight to make it through the whirl.

The Independent. Alessandro Scotti Backstage at the Pirelli calendar shoot. He knew a children's book needed pictures, as he says himself on the first page. Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, and where is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations? You can see those illustrations in scans of the original manu Check out the full schedule below all times Eastern : Thursday, October 19 a.

Spooky Buddies p. The Haunted Mansion p. The Addams Family p. Addams Family Values p. Hocus Pocus a. Entertainment Weekly News. Alice vs Flamingo by Tweedle Guns Alice didn't hold the actions of Wonderland's denizens against them before the Red Queen decided to add Alice's head to her collection, and she still had no ill will towards them after they'd turned against her. But she always hated those damn flamingos, so when she came back armed and ready to cut the cards she decided to cut down those goofy birds too.


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What good were those birds off the croquet course anyway, and who would miss them when they were gone? The Red Queen, that's who, and as soon as Alice started taking out the Queen's beloved pets she knew sh The domestic total exceeded what people in the industry had expected, and it broke the record for the biggest box office opening in March.

The record had been held by last year's opening of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle, is another blockbuster hit for Disney's live action reboots Long-time designer Colleen Atwood is responsible for dressing our favorite characters in s magical charm. Costume design is one of those parts of movie-making that doesn't always get its due diligence. One out of place button or incorrect t-shirt can throw off the balance of any well put-together scene. Thankfully, the crew of Fantastic Beasts were in great hands with veteran designer Colleen Atwood.

She's in the running to collect her fourth Oscar, thanks to the recent Academy Award nomination. Atwood has a l The annual star-studded shoot features models, actresses and public figures, as per usual. But the biggest boon is to fans of the classic, Hocus Pocus, which the network is airing almost every single day for 13 straight days, in addition to a hour Apartment Therapy. The Australian Ballet promises to show Alice as "you've never seen her before".

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ABC News: Danielle Bonica Australian Ballet sends Alice down the rabbit hole for its biggest show yet The Australian Ballet says Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, premiering in Melbourne tomorrow night, is the biggest production it has ever undertaken and one of the most physically challenging. Created by acclaimed British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon for the Royal Ballet, the story is a modern take on the Lewis Carroll classic.

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Wheeldon said he had taken some liberties with the story and used new technology in theatre, projection and puppetry to tell it. Photo: The production involved more costumes than any of the ABC News. From quotes and illustrations modeled after the original books to grinning Cheshire Cats and "drink me" potions, these small tattoos will have you saying curiouser and curiouser. So many details were an ode to Lewis Carroll's classic tale including the oversize flowers, black-and-white checkered dance floor, and "eat me" cookies.

Tiny keys accompanied guest seating cards while the couple's sweetheart table was to look like the Mad Hatter's tea party. Every detail was sheer perfection. See the gorgeous photos! That's why, when we stumbled across one particular ask for help on Reddit's Makeup Addiction thread, we were charmed. Turns out, the user was looking for a Beauty and the Beast -inspired makeup palette as a gift for his beauty-addicted significant other. According to the post, the couple is obsessed with Disney, and he wanted to give his boo a Belle-themed product. And he definitely came to the right place: Within minutes, the comment section was blowing up with recommendations.

The original po Early in the war, Lincoln was portrayed as raggedy and incompetent. Less well-remembered today are his political cartoons, mostly created during his lengthy tenure as the chief political cartoonist for a well-known British weekly, Punch. Though Punch was published across the pond, Tenniel, born on this day in , on occasion drew American politicians as well as Queen Victoria and "The Spectre of Neglect. The March Hare in Alice i But there is no better pairing for the avant-garde master of Surrealism than the fantasy land created by Lewis Carroll in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

It's the most exciting time of the year: Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween schedule is in full swing!

There's even a hour Hocus Pocus marathon! Keep reading, and don't forget to set your DVRs. All Rights Reserved. Credit: Walt Disney Studios. Seven years into its current system of rolling out live-action adaptations of its animated classics, Disney has the machinery in place to crank out these eminently bankable conversions at an accelerat The Washington Post. The marathon will run throughout the day, starting at 11 a. What movies can fans expect to see? Here are the films in this year's lineup: - "Edward Scissorha International Business Times. If you're still deciding, might we interest you in one of Alice in Wonderland's classic characters?

There's Alice, of course, with her sweet blue dress, white apron, and blond hair. You could opt for an innocent and pure look, or take things to the Halloween level with a hint of zombie or gore factor. There's also the wicked and cunning Cheshire Cat with his mischievous grin, the lovable White Rabbit with his tardiness issue, the campy and outlandish Mad Hatter, the psychedelic, ultrachill caterpillar, and the vengeful, unpredic She talks to a mouse that swims alongside her and together with some other animal they finally reach the shore.

When the visitor enters stage four, the sea with a mouse in it is projected on one of the walls see XFig. In addition, a smoke machine creates an impression of moisture and adds a mystical feeling to this stage. The visitor walks along the projection and thereby enters stage five.

Alice's Adventures in Steamland: The Clockwork Goddess by Wol-vriey

At the beginning we were discussing building a real pool, but it was not clear what the visitors would do with their clothes. Hence we created a virtual pool of tears with the use of back-projection.

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The animation of mouse in the water was created in 3D Studio Max. The symbolic interpretation of this stage remains difficult. A possible symbolism could be the Christian ritual of baptizing. The caterpillar engages Alice in discussion about herself. It asks Alice who she really is and how she wants to be. The complete episode is a dialogue and hence we created a robotic caterpillar to engage the visitor in a similar dialogue see XFig. The caterpillar is a robotic agent that features a microphone array [27, 28]. These microphones record the utterances of the visitor but also detect the relative position of the visitor.

The body and the head turn to the visitor when the caterpillar speaks to the visitor. A dialogue system manages the conversation. This stage can be associated with the concept of the self. Throughout history, there have been wide varieties of theories about the self, coming from the fields of philosophy, psychology, and religion. This includes assertions that there is no self; that the idea is a logical, psychological, or grammatical fiction; that the sense of self is properly understood and defined in terms of brain processes; that it is merely a constructed sociological locus, or the centre of personal and public narratives, or that it belongs in an ineffable category on its own [29].

Western middle-class cultures are generally organized according to meanings and practices that promote the independence and autonomy of a self that is separate from other similar selves and from social context. This resulted in a prevalent self-esteem among western people with a tendency to self-enhancement. In contrast, many Asian cultures do not highlight the explicit separation of each individual, promoting the fundamental connectedness among individuals in a social group.

The result of this on the construction of the self is that they are more likely to engage in self-criticism instead of self-enhancement [30]. Among con-temporary researchers in social cognition, distinctions are drawn among self concept cognitive component , self-esteem affective component and self-presentation behavioral component [32].

After she entered the rabbit hole to follow the White Rabbit, she experienced a lot of transformations both physically and mentally. Such a situation gives the possibility for a confrontation with and stimulates awareness of the self-concept. The character symbolized as a caterpillar is well chosen. One of the most important characteristics of caterpillars and butterflies is their unique life cycle.

This metamorphosis happens to a lot of insects, but not as dramatically as it does to a butterfly [34]. This symbolic meaning can counterbalances the challenges intended by a conscious dialog next to it. The Cheshire Cat involves Alice in a dialogue about logical reasoning and madness. During the dialogue the cat disappears at times completely and sometimes only its grin remains visible. In contrast to the previous stage, we did not use a robotic agent, since the transformations of the cat are impossible in reality. We therefore created an animated virtual Cheshire Cat that is projected on a screen, which augments the grass surroundings.

A simple 2D animation tool Adobe Director is used for the animation of the cat and the dialogue management. Similar to the Caterpillar most of the questions and statements are metaphysical or mystical. The necessity of logical reasoning is the topic of the last stage. Generating alternatives is a key component in human reasoning [35] and hence we use the Alternative Generation Task originally proposed by Torrens et al. After the visit, visitors are asked to create as many diagrams as they can think of to visualize a multiple model syllogism. Their responses are scored in terms of the number of different but correct diagrams produced.

In the Alice installation, every stage has its own requirements on the setup and employs a different set of technology — from animated virtual characters to physical robots; from CAVE based virtual reality to augmented reality; from still image prints to simulated real environments.

Every stage uses one or more computers, connecting to different type of microcontrollers or hardware interfaces that are again connected to a variety of sensors and actuators. It is a challenge of its own how these software and hardware bits and pieces can be structured together into one automated system that brings the visitor a smooth and holistic experience. A multi-layered, multi-agent based structure is designed based on the distributed architecture proposed [37], in which PAC Presentation-Abstraction-Control agents [38, 39] are distributed over a network and connected through so-called Channels see XFig.

In this architecture a channel generalize the data and control communication among agents.

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In XFig. Applying this structure to the Alice installation results in a three-layer structure depicted in XFig. At the top level is the central controller that coordinates the stages based on a scripted scenario. Every stage implements a stage server that updates the central controller with the local states and interaction events and receives the commands from the central controller. At the bottom level are software components for example Vizard in XFig. The stage servers coordinate their bottom level agents and hide the local complexity from the top level controller.

The channels between the bottom level and the intermediate level are mostly implemented over USB or serial cable connections or over Bluetooth radio. This structure enables the ALICE project to decompose the complexity of the entire installation into loosely coupled stages, and to organize the project in a similar hierarchical manner that distributes the tasks in smaller teams and coordinates the progress at a higher level. We have introduced and discussed a new application of virtual and augmented reality, together with virtual and physical agents, for the novel research field of cultural computing.

We presented how these stages are translated into the visitor experience, which the technologies are used for the translation, and which intended effects are for each stage on the visitors. Overall, we believe that the ALICE installation can be seen as valuable contribution to cultural computing by providing access to the unconscious determinates of the Western culture.

Yet we are looking forward to measuring the effect of the installation on the visitors by using a mixture of conscious and subconscious psychological tests. Nakatsu, M. Rauterberg, and B. Salem, "Forms and theories of communication: from multimedia to Kansei Mediation," Multimedia Systems, vol. Shamdasani, "Unconscious," The Lancet, vol. Nisbett, K.

Peng, I. Choi, and A. Tosa and R. Nakatsu, "Interactive comedy: laughter as the next intelligence system," in Micromechatronics and Human Science, MHS Proceedings of International Symposium on , Nagoya, , pp. Rauterberg, "Positive effects of entertainment technology on human behavior," in Building the Information Society , R.

Jacquart, Ed. Salem and M. Rauterberg, "Aesthetics as a key dimension for designing ubiquitous entertainment systems," in The 2nd International Workshop on Ubiquitous Home - ubiquitous society and entertainment , M. Minoh and N. Tosa, Eds. Hu and C. Tosa, S. Matsuoka, and H. Tosa and S. Heinecke and H. Paul, Eds. Leclerc, "The unconscious as paradox: Impact on the epistemological stance of the art psychotherapist," The Arts in Psychotherapy, vol.

Gibbon and R. Church, "Sources of variance in an information processing theory of timing," in Animal Cognition , H. Roitblat, T. Bever, and H. Terrace, Eds. Hillsdale: Erlbaum, , pp. Block, "Contextual coding in memory: Studies of remembered duration," in Time, mind, and behavior , J. Michon and J. Jackson, Eds. Berlin: Springer, , pp. Slater, V. Linakis, M. Usoh, and R. Witmer and M. Singer, "Measuring presence in virtual environments: A presence questionnaire," Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, vol. Schuemie, P. Krijn, and C.

Kooijmans and M.

To stop a Bandersnatch

Ma, M. Rauterberg, and R. Nakatsu, Eds. Gallagher and J. Kitayama, H. Markus, H. Matsumoto, and V. Norasakkunkit, "Individual and collective processes in the construction of the self: Self-enhancement in the United States and self-criticism in Japan," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol. Nisbett and T. Brehm, S. Kassin, and S. Fein, Social Psychology Boston. Houghton Mifflin Company: Boston, Fogg, Persuasive technology : using computers to change what we think and do. Amsterdam ; Boston: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Heiligman, From caterpillar to butterfly. New York: Harper Collins, Newstead, V.

Thompson, and S.