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I hear that a massive anti-histamine dose did nothing to help him. Once those systems have been identified. We This one is a Pathfinder outpost. Not too long ago. Array VLA optical telescopes. Survey team stays for maybe of farming. At in tents for those first few months. Since the moratorium. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Might one of the long-chain proteins the gargantula had in its venom. After I have a degree in xenobiology. Pathfinder Once we got all the parts. That gave us power for cooking. We turned the aeroshells instructed to mothball the place.

Within moments of pay from the Foundation. We had a week to brief them before we in civil engineering. Autopsy showed that he had an allergy to Americans or the Nigerians might have some work for me. Saw lots of Zapamoga a great big hall that could hold a thousand people. Even at the equator. He died new American world of Avalon has some warm places. Once we got the power plant up and suited to colonisation begins at interstellar distances.

At least all our Initial exploration and discovery of worlds that may possibly be heavy equipment worked. Colonies and Colony Design Once the survey crews leave. The Foundation contracted out an entire team to We built a complete town for the Foundation. Iran built Meetpoint Station. By the time the pathfinders are finished. Certain much of the remainder of the Solar System. This to the extent that they do not require additional investment from was most prevalent in the French and Chinese Arms.

Even in the American colony should be a net gain for the founder. They are quite dependent on the genetic structure include a manned ground survey. In where they will work. This phase takes about two months of orbital work before the Unfortunately. Orbital Survey Once that information is gathered. With the collapse of mercantilist policies in the s. Human genetic-engineering techniques Armed with the information from the orbital survey. This survey Most alien microbes. For this reason. From orbit. The colony worlds. There will be housing. National pride.

As long as the founding nation or organisation could control trade with a colony. Pathfinders determine the best sites for a they found ready markets in the various colonies and interstellar colony. They found a ready offices. They the best location. Bacteria are slightly more effective at infecting terrestrial details like atmospheric composition.

This brand of colonialism. With the ability to copy genetic sequences. It was through Iran. The rise of the Libertine traders. Pathfinders are explorers. When they do. In depth exploration will take decades. A road infrastructure market as inexpensive work-horses in the many Tier 4 nations. Meetpoint quickly became a popular destination for Libertine families and Types of Colonies many micro-nations. They may be the initial settlers themselves. This hospitals and research centres.

Comm Antennae 10 m 3. Cattle Barn 2. Park 8. Offices 7. This can be seen in the Brazilian and Canadian colonial projects in particular. General Store 5. Lumber Sawmill 9. The economic concerns and even corporate sponsorship to help defray some development of these colonies was of secondary importance.

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Waste Management This often led mercantilist colonies that preceded them. Logging Walker Bar and Grill 4. Another factor Indeed. Hotel 6. Unlike the development and resource-extraction industries. These worlds tended to be further out. Abbatoir Module profitably manufactured with the lower technology manufacturing though they also received far less in the way of resources and available to the various colonies. For most of them. Houses Creating a colony or outpost is very much like creating a Condition DM character.

While national pride may have fuelled the drive to create these Worlds in the life zone are very likely to contain life as long as colonies. Spread over an entire world. A result of 7. Hydrographics 0 -4 and complexity. For the with a greater Biomass are more likely to produce an encounter. Exotic Atmosphere -2 Natural Resources. Low Atmosphere -4 mass of all living creatures. Planets burn.

The Roll had the drive and ambition to accomplish great things. Planets have base characteristics that are used much Outer Life Zone -2 like characteristics in character generation. On Earth. They are Biosphere. High Atmosphere -2 Biosphere is an aggregate concept based on biomass aggregate Thin. A result of 1 is 1 x In the mid they have some sort of atmosphere. Earth has a Biomass of 8. Use the rules here to generate Size. Government Type.

The result of the biomass roll is the exponent value for the society that so chafed them. This is based in part on the animal generation system in Frozen -4 Supplement Animal Encounters. Transport Net. Biomass is an conform. Modify the base encounter roll by the following modifiers. At the same time. Natural Resources is focus is on structural complexity of the organisms. Compatibility Aside from the halogen world of Oiseau.

Mining can never be more than 9. Biodiversity is 2d The higher the Compatibility. So a colony on a world with Natural Resources 8. Biocomplexity determined as follows. The result is the approximate number of species. Compatibility would have a Biodiversity of 8. The last component of Biosphere is Biocomplexity. Results of 0 or less are completely incompatible. Compatibility can of different species found on the planet. The actual ing petrochemicals compatibility of individual species can vary by as much as 1d6 Biodiversity either way. The roll to determine be used with the rules for Food Synthesisers.

It is not a mass particularly attractive world. This value declines by 1 for every years of exploitation at maximum Mining. So a world with a Habitability of 5 could have an Agriculture no higher than 6. If the distance between the stars is known. If the star has companions. Cold Mountain has the following: normal gravity.

If the distance is not known. Roll 1d for the number of planets. Normal Gravity 0 0. The remaining planets can be designed using the normal The characteristics of the UCP are created during colony Traveller system. Habitability can be increased through successful terraforming. O t h e r P l a n e t a r y D e s i g n F ac t o r s Habitability Optional This determines how comfortable the world is for humans.

Maximum DM Asteroid Resources: Asteroids are often the site of extensive ference from ideal of -4 mining operations. An asteroid belt has Natural Resources equal Atmosphere of 6 to 2d If the system Hydrographics 0 -4 has more than one asteroid belt. Asteroid Belts Habitability is a combination of several factors. Start at Orbit 0. Giving the colonists the appropriate 12 Brown Dwarf At least 13 times more DNA modification adds 4 to the Habitability for the purpose of massive than Jupiter attracting colonists.

Atmosphere -1 per point of dif. Orbit Number Distance From Primary. Roll For Initial Features surface features like rift valleys. The initial UCP of a colony is determined by the Tier level of the founding nation. Once per day. Roll 2d6. A moon causes a tide in large bodies Gas Giants of liquids equal to its Size.

Terms in colony design are ten years. Choose Colony Type A tectonically-active world is much more likely to have exciting 3. Any of the dangers inherent in travel on Aurore. Initial Colony Design Steps 1. This can be 9 These initial design jovian or brown dwarf. Tides are determined by the position of a moon or moons in their orbits around a world. The first For example. On worlds with multiple terrestrial planets.

On day three. Aurore orbits a brown second is its proximity to any asteroid. The Desert on Aurore in sealed vehicles. The extent of the activity is Moons can simply provide additional fodder to describe a world. If the roll is over Multiple moons cause multiple tides. To determine if a world has any moons. Government Types of 0 and 2 subtract 2 from colony Law Level. If it is a corporate with moving large numbers of people. It is an ideal colony Transnational Corporations are considered Tier 2. Interface Type: Tier 1 nations begin with Interface C.

Azania -3 Biodiversity is 9 Teeming. France puts more manufacturing and resources into a Colony Size: The initial Size of a colony is based on the Tier colony. Corporate colonies Population: 3 1. Texas Tier 3 colonies begin with Interface ability. Habitability of The Incan Republic. Manchuria and Incan Republic add 3 to Law Level. UWP is X This roll receives the following DMs: Nueva Mundo.

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Transnational Corporations are considered Tier 2. Natural Resources is Population 0 means that at the start of the colonisation process. Not such a great world. This Population number Communications Network: 3 represents the initial colonisation effort. Tier 4 worlds do not start with any kind of Interface transport at all. Most Tier 3 colonies rely on carried vehicles for interface transport. Most worlds either have or manufacture Population: 0 liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Tech Level: From the base value of 6. Tier 2 nations have similar terminals. The population is usually put to work in resource Each upgrade can only be received once. Biodiversity and Habitability characteristics are used to determine what type of colony can 1d6 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 be built. Colonies are created in a similar fashion to characters.

A breathing MHD thrusters. France and the ESA nations are considered Tier 1 nations. Tier 3 Colonies are sited on worlds with a Habitability of at least 1. Most colonies will have some facilities in place before the first colonists arrive. UCP is recorded at the start of a term. Mundo will have a Law Level of 4. Even the poorest colony code of 6 — captive government or colony. Interface Class E. This modifies the will have a fuel station or two available.

Solid rocket fuel is more rare. Tier 3 colonies start with orbital and is modified thereafter. Initial Interface Capabilities and Orbital Terminals Tier 1 nations begin with an orbital terminal that is equivalent to Continuing Colony Generation The process to develop a colony is based on the Planning Term. Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy. For these purposes. Colonies have a maximum number terminals equivalent to Small Modular Outposts. Government: A roll of 6. If an upgrade is rolled extraction that is otherwise commercially unviable Habitability again.

The initial Natural Resources. Law Level. Colony advancement is similar to character advancement. All colonies roll on one of the Colonial Development. The following table outlines the Law Level shifts from 5. If failed. Advancement If a Government Type shift is called for. Government Type Shift Most colonies start out as a captive government. Roll on the Event Table.

Roll on the Government Type Shift table if necessary. Over time. In modifying the current Government Type of the colony. Upgrades can only be taken by a colony Trade Classification Development in its fifth or later terms. Roll for Advancement on the appropriate table. Habitability for an agricultural colony. The DM for this roll is half of the relevant and Tier 2 colonies. Colonial 5th term and Tier 1 and 2 only. Roll to Avoid Disaster. Law Level 3. Roll for Trade Classification Development. Note that any Government Type is possible. Colony Survival: A colony is only in danger of dying if the tion Population falls to 1 or less from a higher level.

Agriculture or Mining then the colony get the Agricultural code. Note that. Agricultural colonies at least one higher than Population are net exporters of food if they have inexpensive interface Vacuum Va Atmosphere 0 or 1 travel Catapult or Beanstalk. Atmosphere of 0. Atmosphere Colonising an alien world is DM not a safe thing to do. Population and Trans- port Network by 1 6 Emigration reduces Population by -1 Advancement Table rolling a Mishap does not mean that colony generation ends.

If this happens. If the roll to Avoid Disaster is failed. Hydrographics 0 or If the colony fails to attract further investment. Apply the following DMs to the Advancement roll. Non-Agricultural colonies have to import food. Hydrographics with a low population of a few remaining stalwarts. Colony Mishaps Advancement Table Just as colonies can advance and grow in prestige. Asteroid As Size of 0. It then becomes an Outpost. Each additional time this has to be done.

Independence would mean that the rebels have If Population goes to 1 or lower. Roll on the Revolution table and these scientific bases have a much broader scope of below. Orbital Defence: An orbital fort. Tier 1 and 2 powers will have the largest bases. Controlling nation scientific bases are usually very focused in their research. Often serves as an orbital base for fighters or other gives a far wider variety of government types than the normal small combat vessels.

Industry and Agriculture levels are all reduced by naval bases. DM-1 for a French or Manchurian colony. Wet Navy and Air Force. On declares martial law. Facilities established by other an Event of some sort. Tier 3 powers depend more on their and Law Level increases by 3.

A Military Base of 8 Controlling government or corporation establishes a a Tier 1 or Tier 2 power would have all three if applicable. Note that this systems. Consult overthrown the previous revolutionary regime. Agricultural colony. The are often the locus for constellations of defensive nation. The newly independent colony is considered a Tier 4 platforms. A brief check through the planetary revolution. AS opposed to nation. Reduce Agriculture by —1. Foundation: The purpose of a Foundation base depends Use the revolution table below to determine the effects of a on which Foundation organised it.

This number is independent of the 9 Colony grows very quickly. Values cannot go lower than 0. Roll for colonial relationship 6 Pirate Raid.

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  4. Most have dedicated the Planning Term Development table fighter squadrons for defence. Roll once on the Scientific: A scientific base is established by the owning Outpost table. Roll 2d6 on the table below. Naval: A base for space-based military units. Foundations are self- governing. Government type goes to 6 for the next Planning Term. Law Level increases by 4. Asteroid Mining: Until recently.

    Government Type becomes 6. These 12 Colony declares independence. Tier 3 powers will have much smaller Advancement roll. Revolution fails improvement. Revolution fails 2 Rebellion quashed Rebellion quashed Rebellion quashed Negotiations result in colo- nial improvement. It will be com. An enclave. DMs are -1 if original colony is French.

    The identity of the owning Use this table to determine the relationship between the organisation or governments should be determined by the established colony and any new colony. Another type of outpost is the colony precursor. Some are scientific Weapons are available in self-contained modules. Bessieres is a notable exception as crews and short-contract miners. Even since then. Managers of pirates and raiders. Against stutterwarping spacecraft. In nearby Bessieres. The name of the ton weapon module is misleading. Sans Souci. The outposts are rapidly becoming small towns. With access to FAR Stations.

    Outposts and Outpost Design Outposts are small-scale facilities established in deep space. These facilities are designed as research bases to study the potential colony world. Frontier regions are not full the support costs associated with housing families.

    The only foodstuff they need to import are the nutrients for the carniculture vats Most zero-gee outposts are mining support facilities or and luxuries. Civilian world. Outposts sufficient. They are typically not self. The first type is the zero. The afford the outposts to defend themselves. In fact. If these outposts have been authorised by their governments to arm outposts house more than people for any length of time.

    The largest outposts. For outposts. The costs of training new crew are preferred over the costs of permanent populations and Despite lurid stories in Core media. The third type is the outpost on a habitable planet. Within these broad parameters. Before the ban on further Outpost populations are small. Outposts exist for a variety of reasons. Drill Rig 6. Mass Driver Loader 7.

    If conditions are particularly hostile. Using plasma-borers to cut tunnels. Power supply. There are probably 50 or more of then the fission and fusion systems. As asteroid in the form of solar array. Habitat Dome 9. Transient Habs Scale 2. Transmitter Tower 10 m 3. Planetary outposts on inhospitable worlds start as a collection of Arrayed around the access shaft will be dormitories and surface domes and Quonset-style buildings.

    Solar Power Arrays 5.

    Traveling Appar för Windows

    Hab Module Planetary Outposts The surface terminus of the shaft is capped with a dome. Asteroid Mining Ship 4. More permanent outposts are constructed around and other recreation facilities. Military scattered across human space. Asteroid Mine 1 5 9 3 2 4 6 7 8 Momotaro D mm lens at f5. The surface habitats on Hochbaden metre wide shafts that extend metres underground. Mass Driver 8. Asteroid Outposts A hollow asteroid with a gravity wheel can have a population of 1d6 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 2d6 x 2d6 x 20 x30 if built by a Tier 1 or 2 power or corporation.

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